How to Measure a Successful Partnership in 2022
December 27, 2021

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Organizations are leveraging partner ecosystems to achieve more than they ever could on their own. When partnerships with industry-leading experts form, organizations see greater value, profits, and efficiencies. 64% of ecosystem experts recognize the importance of choosing the right technology platform partners [1]. Leveraging an ecosystem of partner is the best way to support growth and innovation while accelerating learning at your organization, according to McKinsey & Company [2]. As we look forward to 2022, organizations must evaluate their current ecosystem partnerships to ensure future readiness success. 

With the potential to bring in over $100 trillion in value from ecosystems, there is tremendous value in the right strategic partnerships. 84% said that ecosystems are vital to their strategy [3]. These are the key criteria for measuring a successful partnership in 2022. 

1 + 1 = 3
A successful partnership demonstrates synergy. When two parties create synergy, their combined result exceeds the sum of their individual contributions. The direct results of a synergetic partnership, such as business growth, must be measured to ensure that the partnership is mutually advantageous.

"Our partnership enables us to provide state-of-the-art professional development and training using the best available technology in the industry. We are excited about what we will do together – creating connections to a better future for businesses, for job seekers, and their families."
Shamar Herron
Exec Director for Michigan Works! Southeast
"Working with Amesite, we had nearly 100% retention in our programs. That's not an accident. Artificial intelligence is critical in creating engagement and is important for us not only to build programs, but to build programs that people complete."
Farshad Fotouhi
Dean of Wayne State University College of Engineering

New Learning
Outstanding partnerships yield new learning that positively impacts business objectives and decision-making. Each party should gain new insights as knowledge is freely shared as partners. A successful partner freely shares thought leadership through news shows, podcasts, blogs, and eBooks. The knowledge your partner shares is important for your organization’s growth.

Speed in Execution
Excellent partnerships enable speed in execution. With disruption from the COVID-19 crisis, a partner that prioritizes speed and agility is crucial. You should see immediate results within days of starting a new partnership and implementing a technology platform. If your partner prioritizes speed in execution, you won’t need to wait months to see success.

"Working with Amesite, we have accelerated our delivery timetable, because they bring us the capability to rapidly launch content and onboard student cohorts. Their use of artificial intelligence is very important to us, as it enables us to deliver vital, fresh content to our learners in the rapidly evolving area of urban infrastructure."
Dr. Robert Paaswell
Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering at City University of New York
“In working with Amesite, we have access to the best technology with a partner that we trust. They customized to our needs and to our market. And helped us deliver in a way that supports the professionals who are transforming in the field of mobility.”
Farshad Fotouhi
Dean of Wayne State University College of Engineering

Respect and Enthusiasm
Superior partnerships generate respect and enthusiasm. When two organizations combine their core strengths, they should view the partnership as an extension of themselves. “These relationships feature porous boundaries and high levels of trust and mutual dependence to share value and let each partner focus on what it does best,” according to McKinsey [2]. Your organization should look forward to collaborating with partners to deepen your core strengths. In return, your partners should be enthusiastic about positive results and care about your success.

Excellent partnerships offer scalable solutions to help you reach your business goals. As your organization experiences high growth, technology platforms must scale to accommodate higher demand. Only 36% are satisfied with the reliability and performance of their software-as-a-service (SaaS) partnership. Future-ready organizations will experience success with platforms that scale and integrate.

“Amesite's platform met all of the Reagan Foundation and Institute's complex needs, including scalability and superior security and privacy measures, which are essential to the millions of people we interact with each year as we preserve and promote the legacy of Ronald Reagan.”
John Heubusch
Executive Director for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute

When you partner with Amesite, your organization can expect:

  • A synergetic partnership 
  • Thought leadership 
  • Immediate results 
  • High levels of trust 
  • Scalability   

Amesite is quickly transforming learning experiences for employees with the world’s most effective online learning system. In less than 24 hours, we deliver clean, accessible interfaces, best-in-class technology, and unparalleled scalability and integration capabilities.  

With so many amazing partnerships in 2021, Amesite is looking forward to partnering with YOUR organization in 2022.  

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