5 Considerations for Partnerships in 2022
December 23, 2021

Creating a digital ecosystem is vital to driving growth and achieving your business objectives. Over two-thirds of corporate business leaders believe that ecosystems and partnerships are the only way to succeed in today’s market [1]. A robust ecosystem consists of strategically chosen partners with skills and capabilities that your business can leverage. Ecosystems could bring in $100 trillion worth of value for businesses alone in the next 10 years [2]. Building a successful ecosystem requires the right partners - and finding the right partners can be a challenge.  

These are 5 considerations when choosing successful ecosystem partners: 

eLearning Partners must deliver the best technology.
It is essential to source partners that are both best-in-class and industry leaders. The technology your partner delivers should enable your business to accomplish goals that you couldn’t - on your own. Amesite provides learning experiences that no other company has done using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. By leveraging AI technology, your employees will always have access to fresh, relevant content that enhances learning experiences and increases engagement.

"We are excited for this partnership and believe wholeheartedly that a SaaS company with industry-leading technology such as Amesite is the best fit that ties into our organization's value of lifelong learning, leading to the development of a sustainable workforce."
Shamar Herron
Executive Director, Michigan Works! Southeast
"It is vitally important that we are able to deliver programs with outstanding results. With Amesite, we had 100% retention across a challenging, technical program. Amesite enabled program creation, execution and scale."
Farshad Fotouhi
College of Engineering Dean at Wayne State University

eLearning Partners must have demonstrated excellent outcomes.
It is critical to source outcome-driven partners with a track record of delivering outstanding results for their partners and themselves. Amesite uses advanced data analytics to provide actionable insights that improve learning outcomes for our partners. Amesite’s global dashboard enables businesses to effortlessly track learner status across the organization. In addition, you can integrate data from other platforms, including legacy data.

eLearning Partners must have the ability to scale.
It is essential that your partners have set up their operations to do scale. Amesite leverages cloud technology to deliver an eLearning platform that is scalable, customizable, and offers continuous launch capabilities. As your business expands, you can quickly scale your employee learning programs.
With Amesite’s outstanding cloud architecture, our partners will effectively deliver high-quality training programs to employees.

“Amesite's platform met all of the Reagan Foundation and Institute's complex needs, including scalability and superior security and privacy measures, which are essential to the millions of people we interact with each year as we preserve and promote the legacy of Ronald Reagan.”
John Heubusch
Executive Director for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute
"Working with Amesite, we have accelerated our delivery timetable, because they bring us the capability to rapidly launch content and onboard student cohorts. Their use of artificial intelligence is very important to us, as it enables us to deliver vital, fresh content to our learners in the rapidly evolving area of urban infrastructure."
Dr. Robert Paaswell
Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering at City University of New York

eLearning Partners must prioritize efficiency.
Choose partners that make data-driven decisions about your business’s performance and growth. Amesite helps our partners launch custom-branded learning systems in less than 24 hours. We work with your business to rapidly deliver your existing programs, courses from our catalog, new courses you create, and custom courses provided by Amesite.

eLearning Partners must have a mission and vision that complements your own.
Selecting a partner that is aligned with your business objectives and prioritizes your relationship is essential. At Amesite, we function as a partner by helping you advance your mission and achieve greater impact. We provide our partners with an easy-to-use customized eLearning system that meets the unique needs of your employees as you grow.

"We chose Amesite to support our own workforce in their professional development journey because we believe in the power of their platform to support the engagement, and ultimately the success of our teams. In fact, our careful review of their offerings revealed that their platform is more comprehensive and easier to use and implement than other ed-tech solutions we considered."
Shamar Herron
Executive Director, Michigan Works! Southeast

We know that finding the right partner can be a challenge, and the wrong partnership can be risky and expensive. As you expand your ecosystem, look for partners that: 

  • Deliver best-in-class technology 
  • Demonstrate excellent outcomes 
  • Offer a scalable solution 
  • Prioritize efficiency and growth 
  • Have a mission and vision that complements your own 

Amesite is quickly transforming learning experiences for employees with the world’s most effective online learning system. In less than 24 hours, we deliver clean, accessible interfaces, best-in-class technology, and unparalleled scalability and integration capabilities. 

As we reflect on 2021, Amesite is grateful to be a part of advancing the missions of so many of our great partners. Thank you to all our enterprise partners, for your commitment to learning and the growth of your employees and customers. Amesite's partners play a critical role in advancing the future of learning by providing a best-in-class learning solution that effectively engages users while simultaneously driving revenue and growth. 

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