3 Key Trends in eLearning Technology and How to Deliver them with Ease
November 24, 2021

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Enterprise learning and development is long overdue for an upgrade. According to Forbes, “One of the biggest frustrations about learning in the workplace is the amount of time that employees – and sometimes managers – feel they’re wasting in a traditional learning system” [1]. As employers face labor shortages, skill gaps, and an uncertain future, outdated legacy learning isn’t sufficient. 86% of companies now agree that learning and development (L&D) is a critical initiative to creating an engaged and future-ready workforce [1].  

Educating your workforce virtually may seem daunting. However, trends in eLearning are here to stay as businesses work to reduce costs and complexity by utilizing eLearning software for team training [2]. Employees are eager to participate in training on a SaaS platform when learning experiences are interactive and engaging. Fortunately, eLearning technology was created to mimic that of a social media platform where engaging, peer-to-peer interaction occurs. Advanced eLearning platforms also provide the opportunity for collaboration in-platform using video chat, messaging, and discussion. These collaboration tools speed up the learning process for employees, providing more time for work-related tasks. Reducing time wasted on training is very important to employees as 57% of the workforce expects eLearning to be delivered just-in-time[1]. eLearning platforms leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to provide relevant, useful, on-demand content to learners in real-time. Organizations depend on eLearning software to cut costs, increase agility, and fuel innovation [3]. 

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How to Deliver eLearning with Ease

As organizations recover from the pandemic, cloud-based services are at the top of IT budgets [3]. 88% of leaders believe that SaaS is critical to making a successful comeback as their organization recovers from the pandemic, and 86% believe SaaS is critical to strengthening their organization’s response to business challenges caused by the pandemic [3]. As organizations prepare to deliver eLearning SaaS solutions to their workforce, 66% are very to extremely concerned with the challenge of finding, delivering, and tracking content [4]. The right partner is key. Organizations that created a comprehensive learning program saw a 218% higher revenue per employee

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To ensure the successful delivery of an eLearning platform, it is essential to partner with a reliable provider. Before choosing a provider, you should evaluate a vendor based on: 

  1. Platform Capabilities – Does this provider offer high-quality, custom content that is relevant to your workforce? Amesite leverages AI to provide up-to-date content that is relevant to your workforce. 
  1. Customer Reviews – All investments should be well-researched, and the same goes for eLearning SaaS. Look for reviews similar to this one from Michigan Works! SE: “We are excited for this partnership and believe wholeheartedly that a SaaS company with industry-leading technology such as Amesite is the best fit that ties into our organization's value of lifelong learning, leading to the development of a sustainable workforce.” 
  1. Ability to Deliver – Only 36% of software adapters are satisfied with the reliability and performance of their SaaS solution. Amesite delivers custom branded learning solutions in less than 24 hours.  

Focusing on the above criteria when evaluating a SaaS partner will help ensure successful delivery of your eLearning platform.  “ Conner Prairie  is incorporating the above criteria while evaluating vendors to provide their eLearning platform, the Conner Prairie Learning Portal, and are seeing great success. Conner Prairie learned the importance of providing digital learning during COVID shutdown and limited visitor capacity,” said Norman Burns, President and CEO of Conner Prairie. “Though we serve 400,000 visitors annually onsite, we seek to do even more to fulfill our mission to inspire curiosity and foster learning by providing engaging and individualized experiences for everyone. By engaging our patrons through a digital learning experience – and in partnership with Amesite, we are prepared to scale up our offerings through a subscription-based SaaS model. We aspire to change the way the world views and uses museums while making Conner Prairie a place always open to a diversity of voices and limitless experiences. The new Conner Prairie Learning Portal will allow our doors to be open to individualized experiences for everyone, anywhere, at any time.” In addition to driving the success of your organization, incorporating the above criteria will, more importantly, drive the success of your learners.  With the help of Amesite, Wayne State University saw learner retention increase to 98% after the successful delivery of their eLearning platform, Warrior TechSource. These initial successes are a huge step in the right direction; however, ensuring the scalability of your eLearning platform is critically important to ensuring its long-term success.  Finding an eLearning platform built on industry-leading technology, such as Microsoft Azure, will ensure your platform can quickly scale while also utilizing best-in-class technology. Amesite recently announced its migration to Microsoft Azure, ensuring current and future customers will always have access to industry-leading infrastructure, providing scalability and dependability for the long term. 


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Amesite's platform is high-tech and AI-powered. We specialize in scalable, custom branded online learning environments and content curation to meet employers' unique needs and support the business's upskilling efforts. Artificial intelligence drives some of the most compelling experiences on the internet, and Amesite brings these tools to education in a novel and transformative way.