How to Drive Museum Revenue with Digital Collections in 2022
January 11, 2022

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Summary: Digitalizing collections and providing eLearning experiences is essential to driving museum revenue in a digital world. Partnering with an eLearning provider who is an expert in translating artifacts into scalable, impactful learning experiences can relieve the burden on your internal team, save money, and increase efficiency. 

Museums around the world are rewriting their survival strategy to keep their doors open. Due to the severe impact of the pandemic, 90% of the world’s museums are facing full, partial, or eventual closure [1]. If your museum is facing budget constraints, staffing shortages, lack of in-house resources, problems moving collections digitally, and trouble engaging digitally with patrons – you are not alone. 72% of survey respondents said that their institution has not designed new formats and tools to drive digital revenue [2]. With the start of a new year, there is a new opportunity to drive digital growth and revenue for your museum. 

To keep your museum operating and doors open in 2022, you must leverage new eLearning technology to create digital experiences that drive impact for your visitors. 91% of museums are using new technology to attract more online visitors to their museums. The quickest and most cost-effective solution to deliver digital learning experiences is to partner with an eLearning platform provider. A best-in-class eLearning partner will help you digitalize collections, develop custom integrations and content, translate artifacts into learning opportunities, and create a wide range of experiences. With an eLearning partnership, your museum will drive revenue in 2022! 

By leveraging an eLearning partnership, your museum can: 

1. Reach a Larger Audience

Reach a larger audience with digital museum collections on an engaging virtual platform. With the pandemic expected to continue, museums must reach people where they are – online. Establishing value beyond the walls of your museum will allow people to access your offerings from anywhere in the world. Drive revenue for your museum by reaching a larger audience with digital offerings. 

“Through the partnership with Amesite, we are honoring and advancing that legacy, by building capability to deliver learning to all ages, globally.  Utilizing Amesite's world-leading technology enables us to offer learning in a way that engages and empowers, driving personal growth, responsible citizenship, and greater economic opportunity for our stakeholders.”
John Heubusch
Executive Director for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute

2. Help Your Brand Shine
Create digital experiences for loyal museum patrons that reflect your brand. People re-visit your museum because of the experiences you provide. A boring, generic, legacy learning system that doesn’t match your brand won’t suffice visitors. An eLearning partner can provide your museum with a custom branded platform that reflects your brand in every way. Instead of using valuable resources to develop a platform in-house, leverage a partnership with an eLearning provider. Your museum will start driving revenue immediately.

3. Increase Digital Visits

Increase visitors to your museum by creating impactful digital experiences on a virtual platform. 57% of digital museum visitors are regulars and visit at least once a week [3]. By providing visitors with a custom branded platform and engaging content, you will keep your patrons coming back for more. Digitalizing your museum collections presents a huge opportunity to drive revenue through digital visits. 

4. Create Meaningful Experiences
Create meaningful learning experiences on a platform that leverages new and easy-to-use technology. 67% of digital museum visitors are intellectually motivated by their desire to learn [3]. By providing visitors with an interactive and engaging learning experience, your museum will see an increase in the number of visits and repeated visitors – leading to an increase in revenue.

“Amesite's platform met all of the Reagan Foundation and Institute's complex needs, including scalability and superior security and privacy measures, which are essential to the millions of people we interact with each year as we preserve and promote the legacy of Ronald Reagan.”
John Heubusch
Executive Director for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute

5. Impact Patrons for Years to Come

Generate a greater impact on your community and patrons, long-term with a best-in-class eLearning platform. The need for virtual learning and digital experiences is expected to continue through 2022. Because of this, 67% of museums plan to use new technologies to create engaging online experiences for patrons.Investing in new eLearning technology will serve your museum well beyond 2022 and the pandemic. By digitalizing collections, your patrons will have access to your museum worldwide, 24/7. No longer are travel bans, costs, and time a limiting factor for your patrons. An eLearning platform is the key to driving revenue and the long-term success of your museum.  

Here’s what Amesite, the best-in-class eLearning partner, offers! 

  • Engaging learning experiences that can be accessed globally and are relevant to your museum’s offerings. 
  • A custom-branded platform that is ready in under 24 hours with no IT, infrastructure, or training needed. 
  • Scalable solutions for every kind of collection, making them accessible and searchable. 
  • Incredible experiences for patrons using the world’s most advanced AI technology. 
  • A synergetic partnership that helps museums enter the digital world smoothly and worry-free.  

Amesite is a true partner to museums. Contact us today for a free demo to see what Amesite can do for your museum!  

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