How Museums Can Deliver Digital eLearning
December 16, 2021

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Museum professionals around the globe are working to drive impact and revenue by engaging digitally with patrons. Partnerships are essential, and museums are working with software vendors to combine and organize offerings. This can make it easy for museum patrons to learn while keeping digital museum operations manageable – and scalable. 

Seemingly overnight, museums closed their doors and began rethinking their digital strategy. With more people online than ever before, museums must meet people where they are – online. 91% said that the reason they applied new technology was to attract more online visitors [1]. To deliver engaging, digital museum experiences that drive impact for visitors, collections must be searchable and useful. By providing digital collections, your museum’s assets can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. No longer are travel bans, the cost of travel, and accessibility a limiting factor for museums. Leveraging digital collections drives interaction and higher engagement for museum visitors. 

Museums need to create digital experiences and fast. Currently, 43% of art museums have either no dedicated digital staff or this department was represented by a single individual [2]. Building a platform in-house with custom content would be extremely expensive and unscalable. Instead of using valuable in-house resources, partner with an experienced software vendor. 

91% used new technology to attract more online visitors to their museum.

Amesite’s partners deliver the world’s most effective online learning systems to help their museums combine and organize offerings, digitally. Here’s what partnership with Amesite offers museums: 

  • A scalable, custom branded platform that creates interactive learning experiences that visitors enjoy. 
  • A turnkey solution that is ready in under 24 hours that requires no infrastructure or training to use. 
  • Engaging learning experiences that can be accessed globally and is relevant to your museum’s offerings.

Museums need partnerships to enter the digital world smoothly, and Amesite’s technology and services enable the transition to be worry-free. 


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Amesite is a true partner to museums. Contact us today for a free demo to see what Amesite can do for your museum!