How to Deliver eLearning Experiences at Scale
December 17, 2021

A person sitting at a table with a computer

To stay relevant, Museums must create engaging, digital experiences for patrons. The challenge that many museums face in their digital transformation journey is creating digital learning experiences out of thousands, even millions of tangible assets. For museums, already short staffed, this can feel overwhelming and unachievable. Partnering with an eLearning provider who is an expert in translating artifacts into scalable, impactful learning experiences can relieve the burden on your internal team, save money and increase efficiency. 

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered the way museums operate. “When asked, 31% of museums admitted they have no digital strategy” [1]. As museums shut their physical doors, digital transformation accelerated, and many museums tried to use commercial eLearning systems. These legacy systems were not customizable and did not adapt to customer specific needs. To reach museum visitors of all ages, globally, a partnership with an eLearning software provider is essential. A best-in-class eLearning provider delivers a wide range of experiences, specialized integrations, and content – at scale. 

67% plan to use new technologies for online exhibitions.

Currently, 67% of museums plan to use new technologies for online exhibitions [1]. As your museum looks for new software providers, evaluate potential partners on these three criteria: scalability, security, and performance. According to Museum Next, one of the four main opportunities for digital transformation in museums is establishing value beyond the walls of your museum. “Implementing modern technology platforms to help scale content for in-person visits and for those who will never visit a physical building” according to Museum Next [3]. In addition to scalability, look for an eLearning provider that has security and data privacy top of mind. As a best-in-class eLearning provider, Amesite never shares or sells third party data.  

To deliver eLearning experiences at scale, Amesite offers museum partners: 

  • A scalable, custom branded platform that creates interactive learning experiences that visitors enjoy. 
  • A turnkey solution that is ready in under 24 hours that requires no infrastructure and minimal training to use. 
  • Engaging learning experiences that can be accessed globally and is relevant to your museum’s offerings. 

Museums need partnerships to enter the digital world smoothly, and Amesite’s technology and services enable the transition to be worry-free. 

Amesite is a true partner to museums. Contact us today for a free demo to see what Amesite can do for your museum!