Amesite Launches New Plug-and-Play Course Creation for Remote Learning and Business Training
October 29, 2020
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Simple drag and drop interface designed to allow for quick uploads of course materials into Amesite’s artificial-intelligence backed remote-learning software 

ANN ARBOR, MI – Amesite Inc. (Nasdaq: AMST), an artificial intelligence software company providing online learning ecosystems for business, higher education, and K-12, announced today the release of its new Course Manager capability, that enables schools and businesses  to quickly and easily upload courses for remote use without the need for technical assistance. 

“It’s clear that schools need flexibility when it comes to providing remote-learning options to their students and businesses need solutions to start upskilling their workforce to meet the needs of the new economy,” Amesite CEO Dr. Ann Marie Sastry said. “Developing this platform so that we could reach more schools and businesses who need this kind of help is the natural progression of our business. And it fits with our ethos that high-quality education should be made as accessible and as affordable to as many people as possible.” 

Since its inception in 2017, Amesite has worked closely with the private sector and a number of K-12 schools and colleges to provide remote learning options, a need that has only increased in the last year. Many schools who are looking to put their entire curriculum online have been stymied by the need for onerous, hands-on support. Amesite’s new Course Manager allows those who are looking to quickly get courses online the ability to do so, even if they have no technical experience. 

“We developed this platform to be able to be used by everyone from teachers to administrators so that they can get learning online in less than a day. The drag and drop feature actually lets you see the course develop as you build it,” Sastry said. “We’ve already seen the ingenuity teachers have displayed so far in getting lesson plans online using old legacy software. It’s been frustrating. Now we’re launching our zero-minute training experience. We designed an interface that utilizes the same tech from apps we use every day so that anyone will feel comfortable hopping right in and getting started.” 

Amesite makes use of artificial-intelligence technology in all its platforms, a feature that has helped set it apart from the rest of the EdTech space. The AI software and advanced data analytics tools and machine learning algorithms allow Amesite’s programs to continuously update based on the individual student’s progress, pulling in relevant and high-quality information into courses as they progress, which provides an improved and more engaging learning experience. Across all of its programs from schools to business, Amesite has a 98% retention rate. 

“We are excited to see what our existing and new customers do with this platform and we look forward to growing our presence in all of our segments, because of the effectiveness of delivery, and ease of use,” Sastry said. 

About Amesite Inc. 

Amesite is a high tech artificial intelligence software company offering a cloud-based platform and content creation services for K-12, college, university and business education and upskilling. Amesite-offered courses and programs are branded to our customers. Amesite uses artificial intelligence technologies to provide customized environments for learners, easy-to-manage interfaces for instructors, and greater accessibility for learners in the US education market and beyond. The Company leverages existing institutional infrastructures, adding mass customization and cutting-edge technology to provide cost-effective, scalable and engaging experiences for learners anywhere. For more information or to request a demo visit

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