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Learn how we helped The Henry Ford deliver personalized support for their learners and teachers, and enabled them to efficiently and flexibly support a wide range of learning experiences, with ease.

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Amesite provides AI backed technology.

Allowing you to equip your learners with the most up-to-date knowledge.

Amesite delivers learning that people love.

With a fully-managed system, your learners receive an engaged experience, customized for their needs.

"The Amesite system provides a cutting-edge delivery vehicle enabling student-instructor interaction, providing prepared materials and materials based on current events to ensure integration of the latest available information, and offering outstanding student engagement."

Dr. Leo Kempel, Dean, College of Engineering

"The Wayne State University College of Engineering is very excited to be partnering with Amesite to deliver online continuing educational programs in areas such as AI and Blockchain. These training modules are being developed to address the gap that exists between academia and industry."

Dr. Farshad Fotouhi, Dean, College of Engineering

"The World of AI course from Wayne State, powered by Amesite, was fantastic. The instructor was very willing to answer the questions I had and provide examples that will propel my practice."

Ivonne Soler, Associate, Butzel Long


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