Amesite Steps in to Avoid Mass Education Disruption Announces it will Lead Online Transition of K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Businesses…
March 17, 2020

24/7 expert-moderated discussion portals and resources are available to guide educators and preserve learning capabilities and promote learning capabilities and promote technology readiness at all levels

ANN ARBOR, MI – March 17, 2020 Amesite, Inc., an artificial intelligence software company providing fully-managed, customized, online learning ecosystems for higher education and business, announced today that as the coronavirus crisis continues its grip on the world’s education system, it will offer free expert-moderated discussion portals and resources for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and businesses as they transition to online.

Tremendous resistance to technology adoption has led to education systems and businesses realizing they are unprepared as we face this time of crisis. In fact, those who fought for remote work practices were often demonized and capital was not put behind an infrastructure to make easy offsite working possible. Degrees earned online were belittled as “lesser than” and only recently have major institutions begun to fund such programs.

Today we face several realities: that this is a situation that has upended students and businesses across the globe; that remote work and online learning is not only beneficial, but necessary; and that we need to act immediately to ensure that students are able to continue classes to advance their education.

The private sector needs to move quickly to meet today’s needs and has a responsibility to do so. We must:

  1. Ensure full utilization of technology resources to bring education systems online as soon as possible so all students – not just those already privileged with them – can continue their education. This will ensure long-term readiness for any future crisis as well as for the sustainability of our education system long-term.
  2. Sustain the global economy by leveraging technology to leapfrog old systems.
  3. Ensure the public’s mental health by providing a community discussion of best practices for success during this unimaginable moment in history.

This is why Amesite will work with schools, universities, and businesses to educate and lead them through the transition to online, including transferring and creating custom materials for certificates, courses, and programs.

Additionally, by creating an open community of experts to share best practices and information on topics including roadmaps for transitioning college courses online, best practices for online teaching K-12, and best practices for professional learning, Amesite’s open platform will aid in the construction and immediate execution of online learning platforms during this crisis - and set the stage for a fundamental shift in how we approach learning in the future.

“The coronavirus pandemic isn’t just changing how we live, it is also changing how we learn. More than 300 million students worldwide are currently not attending physical schools, and that number is expected to increase over the coming weeks, as more governments and institutions shutter schools indefinitely,” said Dr. Ann Marie Sastry, Chief Executive Officer, Amesite Inc. “We are creating a community of peers to help ease the disruption schools and businesses are facing and create an always-on and sustainable infrastructure. With this offering we hope to help all those affected by this crisis to transition quickly and easily to an online learning platform that will help students continue learning and ensure meaningful, adequate education.”

Dr. Sastry added, “We have been sounding the alarm for years that education was behind the eight ball. Now something once deemed ‘impractical’ is a reality. The sector has little time to catch up but Amesite is here to help any institution that needs it. It is at times like these that we need to band together as those who care deeply about what’s best for education to empower students and teachers and preserve the fundamentals on what our education system is built on.”

Working directly with faculty so they can effectively engage with students across the globe, Amesite’s platform will be open to all who wish to learn how to transfer lessons online in a way that is seamless and in students’ best interests. Amesite’s global, 24/7 team and community of experts will support the transition through every single learning experience offered with a custom-made, branded platform specific to each institution.

Amesite’s online learning solutions for enterprises, colleges, universities, faculty, and students utilize artificial intelligence technologies, including machine learning and natural language processing, to deliver cost effective, cloud-based digital versions of courses that greatly enhance and improve the learning experience of students. Amesite’s online platform includes customized user messaging and tracking as well as seamless integration of updated topics and materials into traditional course curriculum, creating a more meaningful experience for both students and instructors alike.

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