Amesite Inc. Brings Businesses, Schools, Universities Easily into the Digital Age
February 19, 2021

NetworkNewsAudio – Amesite Inc. announces the availability of a broadcast titled, “Essential E-Learning Ecosystems Move to the Head of the Class.”

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To achieve education transformation, technology must be able to easily address both new and legacy programs. Gone are the days of “one size fits all” video cassette sessions or, even worse, wasting money on printed material to provide information. People simply don’t learn, retain or have the opportunity to excel under those moribund modalities. Furthermore, there’s a necessity today to be able to teach a multiplicity of individual complexities such as safety and compliance Issues or new skills in data management delivered digitally and customizable in a single ecosystem with the ability to track and enhance efficacy.

Amesite Inc. was founded for the exact purpose of overcoming these challenges and bring businesses, schools and universities easily into the digital age. Dedicated to improving the way the world learns, passion and technology drive Amesite, with the whole team committed to ensuring that education is accessible to all. Not just accessible, Amesite is intent on making education better, making teacher’s jobs easier and encouraging engagement, which is when the best learning transpires. Considering that COVID-19 caused the loss of between 500 million and 1 billion school years worldwide, the value of  Amesite’s platform becomes obvious.

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