Leveraging Cloud-Based eLearning: 3 Key Elements for your Enterprise Solution
February 8, 2022

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Summary: Cloud-based enterprise eLearning produces measurable results and clear value. In a competitive and ever-changing landscape, you need a cloud-based eLearning solution that can keep up.  

Leveraging Cloud-Based eLearning 

When the pandemic hit, enterprises needed to quickly implement and leverage technology to allow them to thrive in a virtual work environment. They also needed to commit to continuously finding better digital tools – to stay ahead of the competition. At first, organizations responded to learning needs by leveraging the inadequate and outdated learning systems they already had in place. Unsurprisingly, these legacy learning systems generated little return and added no value in an environment where more distributed work was becoming the norm, and expectations of a highly functional digital experiences rose. In fact, 75% of managers are presently dissatisfied with their companies L&D function [1]. Today’s quickly evolving business landscape requires the most advanced technology to survive. Cloud-based eLearning is the essential solution to achieving business success in a post-pandemic world. 

eLearning solutions are rapidly advancing alongside technology. Best-in-class eLearning solutions leverage cloud technology to ensure operational ease, agility, security, and speed. After switching to cloud technology, 91% of businesses saw a security improvement [2]. Even with proven benefits, only “55% of learning management systems are deployed on the cloud, while 45% are on-premise solutions” [3]. By leveraging cloud technology, your organization will get ahead of competitors and gain a competitive advantage. 

As you start your search for a best-in-class eLearning solution for your enterprise, evaluate the following: 

1. Does the eLearning solution leverage outstanding cloud technology? 

Best-in-class cloud technology improves the quality of learning and the efficiency in which the learning is delivered. Don’t let slow load speeds and outdated infrastructure ruin your learner’s experience. Additionally, remote work is no longer a barrier to learning. Your teams will have access to training anywhere in the world at any time. With outstanding cloud architecture, your business will effectively deliver high-quality online programs.  

2. What tools and features do you need to meet your eLearning goals? 

It is crucial to consider the tools and features of an eLearning platform to ensure they make sense for your business. A best-in-class eLearning solution will support thousands of APIs that allow your organization to incorporate existing systems and resources. The addition of a new LMS should be efficient and seamless. 

3. Is this eLearning solution scalable? Will it grow with my organization? 

In a competitive landscape, it is critical that your eLearning solution is set up to scale. Cloud architecture ensures that eLearning is both scalable and secure to manage all of your learner’s data. SDKs and APIs keep integrations up to date and support growth for your business. Your solution must integrate with existing software and mission-critical applications. To ensure your eLearning solution is scalable, look for an eLearning solution with the proper architecture to deliver continuously.  

Amesite is YOUR partner, not a vendor! 

We provide our partners with a customized, easy-to-use eLearning solution with unparalleled scalability and integration capabilities.  

  • We know that our partners need scalability, security, and speed. We’re partnered with Microsoft Azure to ensure data security, data privacy, and great infrastructure for our customers. “You should not have to trade your data for an education,” said Dr. Ann Marie Sastry, Founder and CEO of Amesite. 
  • We deliver a custom-branded turnkey platform called a Learning Community Environment™ system. Our infrastructure supports thousands of APIs, which allows your legacy learning systems to connect quickly and easily.  
  • We leverage the best technology to ensure our customers receive a custom branded eLearning platform in as little as 24 hours. We help our partners deliver existing courses, courses from our catalog, new courses you create, and customer courses produced by amesite.  

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