Future Proof eLearning – How to Ensure Your eLearning Solution Uses the Best Technology
February 2, 2022

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Does your organization use a learning system, such as a learning management system (LMS)? We already know the answer – of course, you do! 83% of organizations currently use an LMS [1]. One more question, are you frustrated with your learning system? The fact is that learning systems are outdated and don’t work. 43% of large organizations, 38% of mid-size organizations, and 26% of small organizations want to replace their LMS [2]. If you’re struggling to get results from your LMS or looking to implement an eLearning solution, you’re in the right place! We’ll show you what the future of eLearning looks like and how to ensure your organization is leveraging the best technology! 

Employees need eLearning now more than ever. With hybrid work models, a growing skills gap, and the great resignation upon us, organizations need prepared employees who drive business success. Legacy learning systems and outdated LMS’s will not suffice. Instead, advanced learning systems like a Learning Community Environment™ are easy-to-use, drive learner engagement, and increase retention. A comprehensive training program using the best technology could increase revenue by 218% per employee. Build your ecosystem with eLearning technology that works.  

Technology is rapidly evolving, and so is eLearning technology. Here are the must-haves for successful eLearning: 

1. Interactive Courses

To prevent repetitive and tiresome experiences for learnings, course must be interactive and relevant. 75% of learners prefer video-based learning over reading text [2]. Unfortunately, you cannot take in-person training and courses and simply upload them online. You will not see results. Although the content may be the same, it must be delivered differently. You can provide the most up-to-date course material to your employees on-demand using advanced AI technology. 

2. Engaging Interfaces 

To enhance the overall learning experience, your eLearning platform must have engaging interfaces. 87% of millennials in the workforce feel that their learning experience is boring and irrelevant [2]. eLearning is successful when the interfaces mimic that of a social media platform. Social media formats help learners access the content in a familiar setting and encourage peer-to-peer interaction. Whether employees are participating in interactive courses, whiteboard discussions, or video conferencing, the experience is engaging. 

3. Livestreaming

To improve learner engagement and learning outcomes, your employees need a live streaming feature. Livestreaming spurs engagement in lectures and discussions while encouraging learners to ask questions, give presentations, and collaborate easily. Traditional learning tools are not robust enough to handle remote learning. Your organization will create a learning experience with visible results by leveraging advanced technology. 

4. Whiteboard Feature 

To captivate your employee’s attention, ensure that learner engagement is top of mind with a whiteboard feature. Whiteboarding activates peer learning through real-time group assignments, project collaboration, and brainstorming sessions. Whiteboard features built using the best technology will increase employee interaction, retention, and engagement.  

5. Discussion Board

To encourage interactive participation and limit the amount of information forgotten, organizations need an eLearning platform with discussion boards. Discussion boards in a social media like format are easy-to-use, fun, and engaging. Advanced AI Technology enables L&D professionals and those leading courses to share relevant articles to the discussion board quickly and easily. Save valuable time with advanced machine learning technology – your employees will thank you! 

Amesite is your PARTNER, not a vendor 

Amesite provides our partners with the best technology to ensure your organization is future-proof! As your partner, you can trust that we will deliver:  

  • A custom-branded eLearning platform that leverages best-in-class technology. 
  • Interactive courses with custom content that meets your learners’ exact needs. 
  • Engaging learning communities that drive a 98% learner retention rate. 
  • Tools and features integrated seamlessly into the platform, like video conferencing, whiteboarding, and discussion boards. 
  • An easy-to-use, scalable solution that requires no training and compliments your organization’s mission.  

We’re transforming online learning experiences for employees, customers, students, and learners. The technology we use enables our platform to be easy-to-use, scalable, and engaging. We deliver outstanding learning experiences – it’s what we do!  

Contact us here - We’d love to learn more about your business objectives and provide you with additional resources.