COVID 19 Return to Work Communications and Analytics Platform is Ready Now for Automotive Enterprises; Demonstration Webinar…
May 26, 2020

Livonia, Mich.: Today, Thirdware Solution Inc. and Amesite Inc. announced availability of an online tool to enable automotive manufacturers implement people-first policies efficiently, globally and seamlessly. The Return-to-Work platform uses COVID-19-related workforce readiness analytics to enable easy global communication and engagement with employees as they return to work. The 24/7, fully online, pre-built, platform solution is low cost, requires almost no training and can be deployed within 24 hours.

Thirdware Solutions, of Livonia, Mich., has provided enterprise and software solutions to the automotive market for over 20 years.  “As businesses and facilities bring employees back to the workplace, safety and confidence is of top importance to them. Automotive firms have to face this new challenge to efficiently manage COVID 19 related decisions and communications within their existing operations.  We know that modern technology can really help us with this challenge – and this platform enables the coordination of data and permissions to coordinate various existing systems and sources of information onto one platform,“ said Kristin Slanina, CTO at Thirdware. “Our knowledge of automotive systems will allow us to educate the industry and to help implement this low-cost solution quickly. It is built with a best-in-class toolkit, is fully scalable and incorporates award-winning technology.”

Amesite founder and CEO Ann Marie Sastry said, “We build products to address societal needs. Millions of people are waiting to go back to work, and companies want to bring them back as safely as possible. Restarting the economy thoughtfully will save lives, and we know that companies need tools for this. We are pleased to announce this partnership with Thirdware, a respected partner in the automotive industry who understands the needs in scaling technology to make it work for the customer. Thirdware has relationships in the industry built through shared execution of software solutions – that have been incredibly successful. With this solution, management teams can track employee statuses, using the information to create safer workplaces for all. Companies can also provide videos, news and personal comments to employees globally. In the same platform, they can also evaluate their regular and COVID 19 related workforce readiness data via custom analytics at a click of the mouse. The highly engaging social media style interface means there is basically no training required, so people will actually use it, and stay informed with the latest data and corporate communications.”   

The return to work communication platform for automotive managers and employees helps organize COVID 19 related information, provide easy visualizations and analytics, as well as a simple way to communicate, engage, educate and train the entire workforce on necessary COVID 19 related information.  It is a cloud based, single-threaded, single page application, built on a flexible tech stack with thousands of integrations readily available. With a smooth transition that includes custom content conversion and online dashboards, it is a fully responsive site for all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

Thirdware is also offering artificial intelligence applications to track and trace COVID 19 exposure for on-site workers. Organizations can better understand their employees’ movements and exposure within a facility based on data and fact to allow proactive planning and response for traffic flow, cleaning, and managing employee to employee exposure. These apps can provide just-in-time workforce guidance to enable companies to enact transparent, people-first policies and training to keep employees safe.

“Timing is critical for the industry right now, and building new solutions from scratch will consume valuable time. This is the real-time information and transparent style communication we need in times like this, both for management and the workforce,” says Slanina. “We want to get the word out that this powerful tool is available now, as auto companies search for efficient ways to provide their teams with easy to understand data, education and the latest COVID 19 related information quickly.”

The companies also announced a webinar to be held on Friday, May 29 at noon EDT, available for registration at:

The webinar will:
• provide data and insights on people-first policies for Return to Work in the US
• enunciate the needs of the automotive industry in reopening operations
• demonstrate the new platform

Companies that are interested in learning more about these solutions should contact [email protected]

The platform is easy for employees to use — because its design follows the best practices of social media apps.
Information and analytics are integrated on one platform.