The Future of Distance Learning
Jul 16 2020

The CEO of Amesite, Inc., an artificial intelligence software company providing fully managed, customized, online learning ecosystems for education and business, Dr. Ann Marie Sastry appeared as a guest today on Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria” to discuss the future of distance learning.

The segment focused on the future of online education and its new, permanent role in learning markets. Dr. Sastry described the core needs of accessibility of educational products for learners and workers, and the need for constantly upskilled workers for national competitiveness. Dr. Sastry described how we are now entering an educational “arms race” to make sure we are providing accessible and affordable continuous learning opportunities to all.

“This company was built to take learning products online because of the accessibility, the affordability, and the engagement. The engagement possible online is actually excellent if we use the right technologies,” Dr. Sastry said.

When asked what parents should be thinking now, Dr. Sastry urged parents to examine the quality of the technology being provided to their children.

“That is a new metric for education, but its going to be a permanent metric,” she said.