Maria Bartiromo Interviews Ann Marie Sastry
August 7, 2018

Using AI to improve your college education

Amesite CEO Ann Marie Sastry on how the company's cloud-based platform improve students' college education experience.
Artificial intelligence is creeping into many aspects of modern day living, from housing to banking, and now to education.
Amesite, an AI software company, can spot when a student is most efficient studying for their exams, and then send a notification alerting them when the best time to study is. The company’s CEO, Dr. Ann Marie Sastry, said the software is “delivering information that helps the experience be better and helps the education be more effective.”
She cited higher tuition costs and fewer people going to college as reasons for creating this technology, adding that “it has to be made more convenient, and the way to do that is to use the same computational technologies that underpin the everyday commercial platforms we use.”
Sastry emphasized that her software is not designed to replace colleges and universities, but to help them aid students so that they can be on the right track to graduate.“The American education system, higher education, is the envy of the world,” she said. “We bring technology to them, so we partner with them, and bring them AI technology because universities are subject matter experts but they’re not software companies. We’re a software company,” she said.