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Launch a complete learning ecosystem quickly and painlessly. Generate revenue.

Grow your museum's revenue. Pay only for what you use.

How Amesite Solves Key Problems in Museum Digitalization & eLearning

Your learning needs are unique to your mission, and you want to deploy your own materials.

Deploy a Learning Portal + customized content that honors your brand and advances your own mission. You work hard to create exhibits and experiences that help your patrons see the world in a new way. Your digital offerings need to play to your high standards!

You want to launch quickly and efficiently to produce high engagement – avoiding multi-click platform solutions that require weeks, even months of training for users.

Get a solution that can be mastered in minutes – with a learning ecosystem designed to be no more than two clicks deep – ever – that delivers learning with speed and efficiency.

Digital revenue is needed and learning must be sustainable – and enable new kinds of fundraising.

Patrons can experience special-event expert / docent-led virtual learning experiences, that enable you to raise the funds needed for digital and on-ground operations easily.

Increase revenue and drive global impact for your communities and patrons

Build repeatable revenue streams with a mobile friendly out-of-the-box scalable solution. With Amesite, you can deliver high-quality subscriptions, easy-to-administer learning experiences, special events, and virtual exhibits that drive membership. Your custom-branded programs are delivered on a cutting-edge learning portal that drives high retention and global impact out-of-the-box.

Launch 10 programs in 30 days without hiring dedicated staff!

Self-paced courses allow a hands-off approach.

Foster high engagement among learners.

24/7 access to live customer support.

Enabling you to achieve more through our LCE℠ and services

High Engagement – Social media inspired interface design attracts learners and keeps them engaged

Allow your patrons to interact and engage with each other using upvotes and endorsements.

Gain first-class communication tools with built-in video conferencing and messaging functionality.

Reduce training times – often to zero minutes – with intuitive interface design. Transition effortlessly with full vendor support from Amesite.

Automation – Give museums leaders and instructors access to the best tech – for every curriculum – reducing their administrative work

Optimize courses and exhibits to your learners' needs with reminders and notifications that are automated using AI.

Free up your administrators’ time with assessments that are auto-graded and auto-released to learners.

Access on-demand AI-powered article feeds built to equip you with the latest content and resources.

Customizable Dashboards – Content curation from reliable sources and broadcast information relevant to your exhibits and courses

Built-in video conferencing and messaging functionality.

Track learner progress and run comprehensive reports.

Make informed decisions while helping your learners succeed with actionable, real-time analytics.

Launch in 24 hours – Transition your administrators and learners online quickly and efficiently

Provide the latest educational trends and needs to your learners with our 24 hours launch period.

Launch courses quickly, without ever compromising quality or substance.

Remove the pain of having staff build and load products, enabling fast execution—building new revenue streams.

What Our Partners Say

"Conner Prairie learned the importance of providing digital learning during COVID shutdown and limited visitor capacity. Though we serve 400,000 visitors annually onsite, we seek to do even more to fulfill our mission to inspire curiosity and foster learning by providing engaging and individualized experiences for everyone. By engaging our patrons through a digital learning experience – and in partnership with Amesite, we are prepared to scale up our offerings through a subscription-based SaaS model. We aspire to change the way the world views and uses museums while making Conner Prairie a place always open to a diversity of voices and limitless experiences. The new Conner Prairie Learning Portal will allow our doors to be open to individualized experiences for everyone, anywhere, at any time."

Norman Burns, President & CEO, Conner Prairie

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