Your Budget for 2023: How to Prepare for Digital Learning Solutions That Drive Revenue and Impact
November 29, 2022

Museums are powered by teams who want to deliver exciting, engaging experiences in creative ways. It seems like there is always a long list of projects that museums want to fund but cannot, for budgetary reasons. To determine which projects to prioritize, and most importantly, which projects drive revenue it is important to consider the Return on Investment (ROI) for each new product, project, or investment. Easy-to-use, scalable digital learning services for K-12 schools and teachers can increase revenue and drive global impact at the same time. Let’s explore where these systems and services fit into your budget.

1. Online Programs Are Essential to Drive Revenue for Museums

Online engagement is absolutely critical for all cultural institutions. It offers a route to market on ground experiences, standalone experiences that reach patrons who are geographically distant, and also provides pre- and post-visit engagement that creates excitement, interest, loyalty and more visits. Importantly – museums that embrace online programs have a much broader reach and entirely new ways to generate revenue. Since most people visit museums to learn, offering digital learning solutions can have a notable and positive impact on museums and their funding.

Forecasters believe that the eLearning industry will reach $374.3 billion in value by 2026 [1]. The market is growing, and museums have the ability to be leaders in the eLearning industry. Creating an online learning platform with a SaaS partner that values software excellence can help museums to create high-end learning programs that patrons love.

2. Museum Budgeting Works Best When You Consider the Real ROI – Especially for Software

Determining what does and does not fit in a budget always comes down to measuring the return on investment (ROI). Museums need high-impact programs that are guaranteed to generate revenue by meeting public interest and creating efficiencies.

When asked, 92% of employees reported greater work satisfaction when paired with digital systems that create efficiencies [2]. With online learning platforms, museum employees can multiply their reach while sharing information. Every lecture, talk, and fun activity can be shared with a global audience with little to no additional work.

3. Gaining Sponsorship is Key to Every Successful Budgeting Process

The average museum staff in the United States consists of only 8 employees on average [3]. Winning over potential stakeholders or donors is essential to success in creating actionable plans to greenlight digital programs.

The value proposition to every member of staff is very strong! With dedicated technology, the average museum staff can become a fully functional team with global reach and the ability to educate teachers and students anywhere in the world – on their own schedule. The work of only a few people can be amplified to create substantial revenue with large audiences. Museums can demonstrate new value and new revenue potential with no staffing changes, enticing new sponsors with ease. In fact, creating buy-in for small staffs is made simple with the right digital solution.

The Takeaway

Effectively demonstrating value often comes down to reach and impact, two areas where museums can excel with the right technology. At Amesite, we partner directly with museums to create branded, innovative digital learning systems that patrons love.

We don’t just provide software – Amesite offers true partnership that is built on mutual satisfaction and trust. We work with the entire team to make sure that solutions are scoped to meet the organization’s needs. From Educators to CFOs, Amesite makes sure that the sourcing process results in a great solution for the whole institution. To learn more about how our branded out-of-the-box solutions can help your museum share better information with more people, explore our partnerships with the Conner Prairie Learning Portal and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute!




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