What is Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare?

If you’re going into the healthcare industry, there are a lot of administrative processes to consider. It’s important to understand how to keep a hospital or medical office running safely and smoothly. A big part of that is understanding lean six sigma and how it applies to the healthcare industry. We’ll explain what lean six sigma is and explain what Amesite’s Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare class is all about. 

What is lean six sigma? 
Lean six sigma is a methodology used around the world. It’s a managerial philosophy that’s intended to reduce waste and downtime in order to up productivity. It’s a combination of Six Sigma and lean management (which is where the name comes from.) To put it simply, Six Sigma is a methodology that strives to identify causes of inefficiency or variation in business or manufacturing so that these problems can be corrected. The lean management part of it means that there’s a goal to reduce waste, whether that’s a waste of products, time, or talent. 

To boil it down — Lean Six Sigma is a team-based methodology used by different industries to increase performance, efficiency, and safety. The main goals are to identify defects or problems and to increase efficiency. 

The principles can be applied to many different industries, including healthcare. That’s why Amesite offers an online lean six sigma for healthcare course designed to help students understand how these concepts and practices can be applied in the healthcare field. 

What is Amesite’s Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare class? 
For students who are interested in the healthcare industry, our Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare course is a great way to meet others who are likewise interested in healthcare and who want to work toward improving the industry.

It’s a twelve-week course though Eastern Michigan University Professional Programs and Training. It teaches students about gathering data, solving problems efficiently, and implementing solutions that are sustainable within the world of healthcare. There’s also an emphasis based on teamwork. These are all essential skills for those working in the healthcare industry, so they’re skills that our online Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare class offers. 

Some of the benefits of applying lean six sigma in healthcare are: 

  • Shorter wait times for patients
  • Streamlined procedures
  • Improving patient satisfaction
  • Reducing errors 

Lean Six Sigma can be applied in the healthcare industry to improve patient satisfaction and reduce errors. When you’re taking care of others, it’s essential to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Inefficiency can cause stress to patients. Being in the hospital or even seeing a doctor can cause a lot of distress, so it’s important to give patients the best experience possible when they need medical care. And of course, it’s important to minimize errors and mistakes when it comes to providing healthcare. 

Can I get certified by taking the course?
Yes. You can be awarded certification once you’ve successfully completed the requirements of the course.