Unlocking the Power of an Edtech Platform to Drive Museum Revenue
August 18, 2022

Museums have the opportunity to enhance their offerings from in-person to digital experiences. By leveraging patron engagement, ensuring proper execution of technology, and partnering with a reliable software company, museums can expand their digital relationships with guests and patrons. If you’ve been considering digital memberships or digital learning and fundraising experiences, keep reading.

1. Patron Engagement

Company-owned contact lists are the most valuable marketing asset. Yet, most businesses don’t use them this way. They spend their time compiling long lists of past or potential customers who may or may not engage with their product or service. They may even hire marketing firms to market to this massive (yet inauthentic) database.

What they don’t know is that B2B contact databases decay at a rate of 2.1 percent per month or 22.5 percent per year [1]. Industries like Entertainment, Arts, and Recreation decay even faster — 6.5 percent per month or 55 percent per year [2]. Marketing automation and CRM aren’t useful if your customer data are inaccurate.

Fortunately, as a museum, you can engage with every patron who buys a ticket. Your patrons provide accurate information to receive this ticket, and you can leverage this information into a meaningful digital experience.

2. Technology Execution

That said, if you want to create digital experiences for your patrons, you must elevate the technology used to deliver the experience. The technology can vary depending on your needs. Some companies generate QR codes for in-person use while others need assistance with digital memberships and fundraisers.

Partnering with a software company that supports you in your specific needs is essential. Consider working with software that can integrate the functions you need to make the process seamless for your customers. While this may seem like a given, research shows that companies now use an average of 976 applications, but only about 28 percent of these are integrated [3]. Over 40 percent of companies see application integration as a top challenge; if you can conquer this, you’ll be in good shape to serve your patrons [4].

3. Company Reliability

Selecting a software company to partner with can be one of the most important decisions you can make. For this reason, it’s up to you to do your due diligence before choosing a partner.

Companies that are recommended by 95 percent or more of their customers are 10 times less likely to go out of business than companies with an 80 percent or lower recommend rate [5]. This is valuable information for businesses and consumers alike. For companies, it’s a strong reminder that an unhappy customer can wreak havoc on their reputation, telling an average of 10 people about their negative experience [5]. For customers (like museums), it’s an indication that a company with a solid track record of content customers is likely to pull their weight with you.

Amesite partners with museum partners including Conner Prairie and Ronald Reagan to deliver reliable software systems that enable proper execution of programs. Learn more about Conner Prairie, a project focused on learning and innovation that Amesite partnered on.






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