Training Trends for 2024: The Rise of AI and Customization in Learning
December 21, 2023

As we look ahead to 2024, the landscape of employee training is poised for transformative changes, driven by advancements in technology and evolving workplace needs. Emerging trends indicate a significant shift towards more personalized, AI-enhanced learning experiences. This blog delves into these trends, drawing insights from industry reports and highlighting how Amesite's Global Learning Program Guide can be a vital resource for organizations navigating this new terrain.

1. Increased Usage of Authoring Tools and Customizable Learning Management Systems (LMS):

  • Statistical Insight: According to Training Mag, usage of training software with authoring tools increased from 37% to 39% in 2021, and the trend is expected to rise as the use of LMS and training customization tools grows.
  • 2024 Trend: There's an escalating demand for training platforms that offer flexibility and customization. This shift is driven by the need for training content that caters to diverse learning styles and organizational goals.
  • Amesite’s Role: Amesite’s LMS stands out with its robust authoring tools and customizable features, allowing for the creation of tailored training modules that align with specific organizational needs.

2. Adoption of NLP and Generative AI in Employee Training:

  • Statistical Insight: Gartner predicts that up to 40% of companies will adopt Natural Language Processing (NLP) and generative AI in various business aspects, including employee training, by 2024.
  • 2024 Trend: The integration of NLP and generative AI in training is set to revolutionize how employees learn, making the process more interactive and personalized.
  • Amesite’s Approach: By incorporating these technologies, Amesite enhances the learning experience, providing courses that adapt to individual learning paces and preferences, making the training more effective and engaging.

3. Embracing AI for Skill Development in the Asia Pacific:

  • Statistical Insight: A 2023 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey shows that 34% of employees in the Asia Pacific believe AI adoption in the workplace will enable them to learn new skills needed in the evolving environment.
  • 2024 Trend: This statistic reflects a growing recognition of AI's role in skill development, especially in regions experiencing rapid technological growth.
  • Amesite’s Global Reach: With its Global Learning Program Guide, Amesite provides AI-powered, globally launchable programs, including language and translation services, ensuring accessibility and relevance across diverse geographic regions.

Amesite’s Comprehensive Learning Solutions:

  • Content Integration and eCommerce Solutions: Amesite supports seamless integrations with existing infrastructures, offering solutions that enhance the learning experience without disrupting current systems.
  • Wide Range of Courses, Modules, and Programs: Amesite offers an extensive range of courses, modules, and programs, catering to various industries and learning requirements.
  • Amesite-Approved 3rd Party Offerings: In addition to its own content, Amesite provides access to third-party offerings, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse learning ecosystem.


The training landscape in 2024 will be marked by an increased reliance on AI, customizable LMS, and authoring tools. Organizations looking to stay ahead in this evolving environment can turn to Amesite’s Global Learning Program Guide for solutions that align with these trends, offering AI-powered, customizable, and globally relevant training solutions. As we embrace these advancements, the way we approach employee training is set to transform, fostering a more efficient, engaging, and personalized learning experience.

Download our Global Learning Program Guide for more information about our AI-powered, globally launchable programs and content services.

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