Tracking Global Progress in L&D Ecosystems
April 27, 2022

An ever-evolving global workforce creates challenges in day-to-day organizational outputs and the ability to maintain an engaged and talented employment pool. Globalized employment creates new areas of difficulties in talent gaps, strategic use of talent, compliance, and interest in L&D initiatives that can delay timelines on deliverables and increase investments in development. Organizations need to quickly, effectively, and efficiently onboard staff, deliver training and learning, track outcomes, and report on development progress efficiently across multiple time zones without extensive manual processes that drain L&D professionals. Automation processes are increasingly efficient in supporting upskilling and onboarding learning processes for a globalized workforce. 

1. Companies Are Becoming More Global – and More Complex 

Digitalization has forced all organizations into a global consumer and employment model. With digital advancements in the past few years, 57% of organizations report that their bottom-line needs are outpacing digital strategies [1]. Yet, 54% of organizations state that technology investments take precedence over structural or cultural conditions, and 43% of leaders agree that performance evaluation is lacking due to operational silos [1]. With growth comes complexity, and increased digitalization continues to progress the globalized workforce further. In 2019, the global digital workplace market was valued $21.2 billion and had a reported CAGR of 11.3% from 2020 to 2027 [2]. How organizations invest in development and talent will determine the success or failure when competing for employees in a globalized digital workforce. 

2. Global Business Needs Automation in SaaS

For organizations to continue to invest in development and onboarding technologies, automation is considered a crucial component. Physical location does not matter when delivering onboarding, upskilling, and development opportunities to people across multiple time zones with a global workforce. To ensure learning outcomes and objectives are met, L&D professionals need accurate, efficient, and automated data management that effectively reports from multiple time zones. In 2020, 66% of surveyed organizations were piloting automation solutions for at least one business function [3]. Furthermore, 62% of organizations now have up to ¼ of their business processes implemented, and 63% of organizations implementing AI-enhanced capabilities state that AI has contributed to increased revenues [3]. Additionally, survey respondents have reported many key improvements when implementing automation [3]:  

  • 41% reported optimized internal business operations 
  • 31% reported increased employee creativity 
  • 43% reported enhanced products and services 

3. Well Designed Dashboards Are Essential to Unlock the Power of Automation 

Digital transformation and the use of analytics in L&D programs require dashboards and partnerships with while-label SaaS providers. Understanding the workforce is crucial in leveraging providers and platforms for optimal return on investment. In 2020, 50% of the global workforce were millennials, and 66% of millennials expect real-time responses and interactions when engaging with digitalized platforms [4]. When organizations invest in UX, they can expect a return on investment of up to $100 for every $1 spent [5]. With many L&D teams being change enablers, they hold power to bring in automated services that leverage SaaS user-centered dashboards and platforms that can move talent through onboarding, upskilling, and development processes more efficiently. Wayne State University experienced a near 100% retention rate through the Warrior TechSource launch, which leveraged SaaS functionality to produce automated systems for professionals globally enrolled in their program.  

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