Top Three Considerations to Monetize Your Business Learning
March 1, 2022

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The digital learning environment creates unique opportunities for businesses to develop easy-to-access eLearning solutions for customers while enhancing profits through a monetized online learning program. By incorporating a monetized model to distribute high-performing online training and development programs, businesses can increase customer loyalty and expand their online presence.  

A proven way to increase company exposure and increase bottom-line revenue is through a monetized business training strategy; “customer education is a proven way to boost sales. And if you can also charge the customers to educate them, it represents a doubly significant revenue-building opportunity” [1]. As the global economy continues to change the landscape of day-to-day business, a company’s competitive edge must create an overall advantage to the added business value resulting in optimal customer retention and promoting the growth of enduring customer partnerships [2]. 

Customer education solutions are increasing significantly, with the most successful programs creating customer-centered approaches while outsourcing strategies to experts in content delivery and LMS administration. According to Forrester Consulting, in 2019, 80% of their survey respondents increased their spending on customer education and planned to double their spending over the following two years. Formalized customer education programs increased organizational bottom-line by 6.2%, with a 7.4% increase in customer retention [3]. Scalable customer training solutions reduce customer support contacts by one- to two-thirds, leading to higher customer retention and overall profit increases from 25-29% [4]. The customer experience is an investment, not a cost. 

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1. Your Customers Want Your Training.

Implementing an eLearning customer training program will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving brand recognition. This is a proactive approach to meeting customer needs by creating an eLearning program that proactively teaches and problem-solves for customers before they need to reach out to your customer support team [5]. 

2. Implement Best Practices for Optimal Effectiveness. 

Keep your online training focused on the customer’s anticipated needs, easy to absorb, and scalable for optimal ROI. Maintaining flexibility and adaptability is crucial in offering customers eLearning strategies, especially as your online brand presence increases [5].  

3. eLearning Ecosystem for Optimal Performance

Businesses need to partner with best-in-class online learning platforms that can incorporate advanced features for an enhanced user experience while automating processes and providing an efficient, customized product with superior results while providing eCommerce solutions supporting business training monetization [3].

Finding the right eLearning solution to monetize your business learning is crucial in seeing a quick and robust ROI while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Partnering with Amesite, businesses receive customized, branded eLearning solutions in less than 24 hours. Amesite provides their customers with:  

  • Comprehensive and customized best-in-class online learning platform
  • User-friendly scalable eLearning solutions that require no additional staff or training 
  • Targeted and streamlined content supported through the highest quality learning software 
  • A mission-focused platform adaptable to changing enterprise needs 

Partner with a leader in the eLearning industry with Amesite’s practical, accessible, unparalleled EdTech systems and content. Amesite offers eTraining solutions with measurable deliverables and outcomes that align your business learning strategies with state-of-the-art technology.