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Top 5 Trends for Industry 4.0 in 2021
May 20, 2021

Industry 4.0 is becoming widely popular, and many companies are beginning their digital transformation to support this business model. In 2021, there will be 5 top trends as businesses adopt industry 4.0 and work to become "smart businesses." 

The top 5 trends for industry 4.0 in 2021 are: 

  1. Widespread AI integration, improvements, and success stories 
  1. Increase in robots and autonomous systems automating production 
  1. A shift in employee responsibilities in manufacturing 
  1. Advancements in technology maintenance 
  1. Increased investment in workforce training 

Widespread AI integration, improvements, and success stories  will be seen throughout industries worldwide in 2021. AI is improving rapidly, and the current integrations are proving successful. These wins will drive further AI integrations and improvements to support industry 4.0 goals. The manufacturing industry has recently embraced AI in production lines. Soon the manufacturing industry will be inundated with AI technology from design to shipment. The industry 4.0, fully automated, AI-run factory of the future is coming quickly with AI technology advances popular this year [1].

In 2021 there will be an increase in robots and autonomous systems automating production. In industry 4.0 factories, autonomy will be key. Autonomous machines increase productivity and profitability. These advanced machines will also enable more a flexible transformation in the future, supporting industry 4.0 goals. A pairing with AI will make these machines a force in manufacturing. These benefits are driving the trend of adopting these systems [2].   

A shift in employee responsibilities in manufacturing will result from the increased implementation of autonomous systems.  By 2030, automation will replace 800 million workers globally [3].  However, The World Economic Forum reports that  38% of businesses believe AI and automation technology will allow employees to pivot to productivity-enhancing jobs, and  25% believe new roles will be created to support these advanced systems [4]. Upskilling will be required to enable the transition of current employees to different or new roles. The hard skills of the future are trending to tech-oriented skills. This trend will continue as factories move further from manual labor towards industry 4.0 compliant machine manufacturing [5].  

Advancements in technology maintenance  are a key part of cost savings and disruptive technology trends fueling the drive to industry 4.0 in 2021. In the past, machines would break down, causing dangerous and costly issues. With the implementation of autonomous systems and AI technology, machines can predict when maintenance is needed and provide insightful diagnostics into the problems that occur. This enables quick and efficient maintenance of these machines, minimizing downtime and improving profits [6]. 

Increased investment in workforce training is the final trend in industry 4.0 in 2021. To enable adoption of industry 4.0 technology, workforces must be upskilled to ensure they can operate the new technology properly. Because of the current skills gap, workers with the necessary technological skills to support an industry 4.0 transformation are rare. So, forward-thinking companies have turned to upskilling to ensure they have a workforce to support their transformation. PwC reports that manufacturing companies with high technology investment in Industry 4.0 have focused on upskilling and increased internal mobility as their primary job feed method [7]. 79% of CEOs are concerned about their employees' lack of essential skills, and 46% cite retraining/upskilling as their top strategy to close their organization's skills gap [8]. Without upskilling, there is a huge limitation on transformation goals. Having a robust online learning platform to support large-scale upskilling of workforces will become necessary in 2021 for companies who want to adopt industry 4.0 business models.

These top 5 trends for industry 4.0 in 2021 will move digital transformation goals forward and support companies on their journey to create smart businesses with the industry 4.0 model.

How Can Your Business Easily Launch an Effective Upskilling Program to Support Industry 4.0 Trends?  

In order to embrace these industry 4.0 trends at your company, upskilling is needed. Without the right skills, none of these advancements will be possible or profitable. Preparing for industry 4.0 is more than purchasing advanced technology. It also requires providing a robust online learning platform to your workforce to enable upskilling. This is not a difficult task. Businesses just need to partner with an online learning platform and content provider. By sourcing a platform and upskilling courses, a company saves valuable time and money and ensures top-notch education experiences for their employees.

Here are some key elements an online learning platform should have to serve your company and employee needs best:

  • Custom branded online learning platform to drive brand loyalty 
  • Custom curated upskilling courses that are relevant to your employees and always up to date 
  • Easy to use and intuitive social media-inspired interface design that requires no training to use and drives engagement 
  • Engaging, community building platform features like discussion boards and video conferencing capabilities 
  • Easy integration with other learning tools 
  • Integrated AI technology to pull accurate, up-to-the-minute data, provide automation for grading, and personalize the learning experience to make it more engaging 
  • Integrated advanced data analytics to pair with AI to provide personalized learning insights to employees and provide insights and reports to the employer 
  • Proven high retention rates on the platform

With the right partner providing an upskilling platform for your workforce, you are ready to embrace industry 4.0 and stay at the forefront of trending technological advancements in your industry.

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution 

Launch a world-class upskilling program for your company to support your industry 4.0 transformation.  

Amesite is an easy-to-use, Artificial Intelligence software company that offers customized cloud-based scalable solutions to make world-class content creation easy and seamless. We create custom online learning platforms and content for businesses and universities. The platform gives users the experience of learning with a community, a valuable addition to the online education experience. “Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%" [9].

Amesite's online learning platform is the key to providing upskilling programs for your company. Amesite's high-tech AI-powered online learning environment is custom-branded to each specific company to build brand loyalty and meet the unique needs of the employer and their employees. We have subject matter experts who design innovative and custom content for courses that provide excellent value to your employees. A host of self-paced, highly engaging, and intuitive courses can be ready for your company in as little as 30 days.

Amesite creates outstanding learning experiences delivered on its advanced platform, providing an excellent user experience for employees. Using AI and advanced analytics to provide fresh content keeps learners engaged. Coupled with outstanding services, these experiences deepen professionals' interest in subjects important to their company's goals. Amesite's unparalleled retention rate in the enterprise sector is 100%.

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