Teach, Teach, Sell: How Delivering Customer eTraining Builds Loyalty and Sales
January 21, 2022

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Summary: A teach-teach-sell approach is essential to differentiate and drive revenue in a competitive market. Customer eTraining benefits not only your business but also your customers. Build loyalty, increase sales, and reduce costs with a customer-facing eTraining initiative. 

Companies are facing more competition than ever before. In the palm of their hand, your customers have access to over 7.9 million online companies [1] – which is a lot of competition! To differentiate your company from others and keep your brand top of mind, leverage customer eTraining. With only 25% of companies offering formalized customer training programs [2], this is a huge opportunity to get ahead of your competition.  

To deliver customer eTraining with outstanding results, you need the proper infrastructure. 70% of customers prefer that accessible product information is your company’s website [3]. An eLearning platform provides customers with 24/7 access to training and information, helping you reach your customers where and when it is convenient. Investing in eTraining demonstrates to your customers that you care and want them to achieve success. 

Business Impact of Delivering Outstanding Customer Learning, 6.1% Decrease in Support Costs, 6.2% Increase in Revenue, 7.1% Increase in Lifetime Value, 7.4% Increase in Retention, 11.6% in Customer Satisfaction

Here’s how customer training will drive your business objectives and your customers! 

1. Customer eTraining Increases Loyalty, Reducing Churn

Increase customer retention by 7.4% with an eTraining platform [2]. By providing eTraining, customers will view you as a credible industry expert because your business shared knowledge other brands didn’t provide. When customers receive an outstanding customer experience, you increase customer loyalty resulting in 93% of customers making repeat purchases [4]. The value of reducing churn and increasing loyal is immense. According to Bain and Company, “Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%” [5].  

2. Customer eTraining Builds Sales, Increasing Revenue

Providing customer eTraining can lead to a 6.2% increase in revenue for your business [2]. Through eTraining, your customer can see the product in action and learn how it will help them achieve their business objectives. The reason people buy products is to solve a problem; this is your opportunity to show customers how they will succeed using your product. By conveying the benefit of your products through training, you alleviate the burden of endless sales pitches to customers – both your customers and sales team will thank you! Let your customers consume information as they need it, instead of when your sales team is available. A successful customer training program results in a 570% ROI [2].

3. Customer eTraining Reduces Customer Success Costs 

Decrease support costs by 6.1% by leveraging customer eTraining [2]. As products become increasingly complex and offer more features, people seek training to fill knowledge gaps. Every year, the number of “how to….” Google searches are increasing by 70% [6]. Instead of conducting a Google search or contacting the company directly, 70% of customers prefer that product information is readily available [3]. Offering eTraining will teach your customers how to use your product, decreasing costly customer support tickets.  

For eTraining to be successful, you need two things: 

  1. The right content 
  1. An amazing platform 

Amesite can help you with both! As your partner, we will deliver an affordable, customized platform for customer eTraining in less than 24 hours! We provide our partners with: 

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  • A custom branded platform leveraging best-in-class technology 
  • An easy-to-use, scalable solution that requires no training or additional staff 
  • Engaging learning communities and relevant, custom content 
  • A platform that compliments your mission and grows with your business
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We would love to partner with you! Contact us here to learn more about our customer eTraining solution.