Professional Learning: How Universities Have the Upper Hand in Delivery
September 6, 2022

Universities know that alumni will continue to learn well after graduation. There are many different areas of information that simply cannot be covered in every degree program. This often leads many alumni to explore other opportunities to continue their education, with many of them turning to YouTube channels and expensive “Top 1%” higher education programs that don’t always bring value. Let’s explore how you can support your alumni and achieve high enrollment using branded learning programs!

1. You Need to Continuously Invest in Products for Your Alumni

Alumni are promised many things when they leave the doors of your school, and one is that being an alumnus comes with perks. Despite this, many schools offer very limited benefits to keep their graduates engaged.

A shocking 95% of alumni donations come from students that actively participated in campus activities [1]. Most donors love to give back when they remember that sense of community and engagement. With the right products and benefits, you can show your alumni just how much they mean to you and create activities that follow them wherever they go. 79% of students trust the leadership at their universities, but maintaining that trust after they leave means bringing value to the relationship, like with ongoing support and benefits [2].

2. The Key: Keep it Short, Accessible, and Effective

Your alumni are looking for opportunities to enter the workforce and grow meaningful careers. In today’s world, this comes down to continuing education opportunities. Already, 40% of Fortune 500 companies are regularly using eLearning opportunities. Most adults are growing used to these fast-paced digital resources that can allow them to learn new skills—and the available options are growing.

Choosing to offer your alumni a chance to continue to learn with your institution—a group that they already trust to help them learn—can be a wonderful opportunity. You can help support your alumni well after they leave by giving them the chance to gain new skills and explore areas outside of the standard curriculum. 91% of hiring managers have stated that certifications and additional education are important considerations while hiring, and your alumni members are looking for these opportunities [3]. 51% of workers have expressed that they are very interested in learning new skills [4].

3. The Answer: A Branded Platform that Continuously Engages

In 2022, 99% of businesses reported using at least one SaaS solution [5]. Your alumni are already shifting into a future where most of their information comes from digital sources. Choosing a SaaS solution aimed at providing your alumni members with more educational resources can help them to stay continuously engaged and more interested in your institution. 91% of consumers have stated that they are more likely to stay loyal to a brand or institution that engages them and offers relevant information or offers [6]. This is a huge opportunity to engage your alumni and provide them with valuable resources.

Your alumni members want to continue to support you, but it is also important for you to support them. By providing innovative solutions that help them to stay up to date on their evolving industries, you can help to support their growth well after they walk out the door. Show your alumni the love they deserve by providing ongoing support and resources!   To learn how we help universities to provide valuable resources to their students and alumni that support continuous education, check out our case study on the Wayne State University College of Engineering. We offer branded system solutions to universities that empower them to offer subscriptions, single-purchase courses, and more—right out of the box!







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