Digitalization of the workplace changed from an eventuality to a necessity rapidly due to the shutdown of businesses to stem the spread of COVID-19."> Back
Our Digitalized Workplaces: How to Build Engagement
April 29, 2021

Digitalization of the workplace changed from an eventuality to a necessity rapidly due to the shutdown of businesses to stem the spread of COVID-19. Businesses that had very little digital backbone found themselves struggling to keep up with companies who had already began establishing an architecture which would support the future of work. After a year, most businesses have either adapted to the new way of working or they have failed and closed their doors. The vaccine provides an opportunity for a return to on-site work in many cases. However, there is little chance that business will return to what it looked like pre-pandemic.  

Remote and hybrid work models are here to stay due to the success that digitalization provided companies this past year. Since 83% of employers report remote work was successful for their company [3], it makes sense to keep developing this way of working. The new way of working is also popular with employees – 55% of employees would like to work remotely three days a week [1], and even by the end of 2021, almost all companies expect to be at only 50% capacity on location [2]. Continued remote and hybrid work options promise to provide the work-life balance that many employees enjoyed over the last year. The shift is clear: an entirely on-location workweek is no longer a commonly supported idea by workforces.  

Company leaders would like to return to work in the office more than employers do: for example, 30% feel that hybrid work will hurt companies’ ability to maintain corporate culture [4]. These risks can be mitigated if companies more fully embrace digitalization and invest in a robust online learning, to support remote work and build engagement. In fact, with training, remote work can lead to a stronger company culture and engagement. 

Engagement is essential to company culture as well as learning outcomes. Engaged learners are 250% more likely to report receiving excellent grades and 450% more likely to be hopeful for the future [6]. Engagement is about finding ways to make the curriculum more personalized and meaningful for the learner. An online learning platform can harness and develop the benefits of remote work and pair it with remote learning.   

How Can Your Company Launch an Engaging Online Learning Platform Easily and Quickly? 

Hybrid work will require a strong digital backbone. An online learning community can support this online work. The way to offer an online learning platform easily and quickly is to partner with a company that provides world-class online learning platforms designed to engage. This will enable your company can overcome issues like damaged company culture, reduced engagement, and isolation. A platform built to develop engagement and foster community and culture while upskilling your workforce is precisely what you need to become competitive while satisfying the desires of your workforce. 

Here are some key elements of an online learning platform that will increase engagement: 

  • Custom branded platform and content specific to your company
  • Easy to use and intuitive social media-inspired interface design to influence students to engage with other student and teacher posts
  • Community building platform features like discussion boards and video conferencing capabilities
  • Easy integration with other learning tools
  • A.I. and advanced data analytics to provide insights into students learning 

Remote and hybrid work is here to stay. The sooner your company embraces these changes and adapts, the sooner you can have the competitive advantage of a highly skilled and happy workforce. 

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution  

Launch an online learning platform that builds engagement, community, and company culture. 

L&D is a way to build community as workplaces become hybrid. The Amesite platform is uniquely capable of creating learning communities that solve problems together. 

Amesite is a high-tech AI-powered online learning platform. We specialized in scalable, custom branded online learning environments and content curation to meet employer's unique workforce training needs. Amesite's platform is specifically designed for engaged learning and has a retention rate in the enterprise sector of 100%. This is an unprecedented number and speaks to the very high level of engagement that Amesite's platform offers. The platform provides unparalleled ease of use, features that build communication and engagement, and compelling custom content.  

Artificial intelligence drives some of the most compelling experiences on the internet, and Amesite brings these tools to education in a novel and transformative way. 

Amesite's product is easy to acquire, use and scale and offers: 

  • A branded, customized platform that's scalable and cost-effective
  • An engaging and intuitive platform with a social media inspired design
  • Seamless integration with top learning tools
  • The system launches in 24 hours, and an entire remote work curriculum is ready in 30 days
  • Complete customer support on an easy-to-use platform that reduces administrative burdens allowing more one on one time with students
  • Best-in-class technology that offers easy integration of top learning tools in one place 

Our company works with many businesses that are currently leveraging the advantages of remote or hybrid work and upskilling. For example, Amesite provided Ford Motor Company's employees with an online environment to upskill. "Our successful pilot with a diverse, global cohort of full-time professionals at Ford showed that the online learning delivered on our A.I.-driven platform was convenient and beneficial," said Amesite Founder and CEO, Dr. Ann Marie Sastry. "A survey of participants showed that their interest in subject matter deepened, that the fresh content delivered via Amesite's A.I. helped them relate the course material to real-world events and that the quality of customer service and instruction were high."  

Build engagement in your upskilling program today!  Request a Demo!  

Check out some of our customer success stories: The Henry Ford,Wayne State University.  

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