Launch Your Corporate Online Learning Program in Weeks with the Right Solution
October 18, 2022

One of the best methods to increase employee retention by 30-50% is through robust corporate online learning and training [1]. The problem is that so many different tools and technologies often do not fulfill your organization's specific needs.

Your team may have tried using Zoom to onboard new staff or delivered handouts to help get everyone on the same page for a developing change initiative, but these do not provide the flexibility to be quickly updated or integrated through modern devices.

The goal of your online learning resources should always be to adapt and grow with the needs of your staff and team members. Here are a few benefits of using a more modern solution to improve your corporate training and professional skill development.

1. Scaling Team Ability through Asynchronous Training

The major problem with videoconferencing services like Zoom, Webex, and other platforms is that they do not scale. This is because they require synchronous instruction where everyone has to be present simultaneously, including fitting into the challenging schedule of a trainer.

Asynchronous solutions are just the opposite. They provide your company with a much more flexible solution where time and location do not matter. In addition, this removes any barriers to learning, so onboarding and improving your human asset knowledge and skill base become significantly easier.

This has become the preferred method of many universities and skill training organizations worldwide, with adults returning to school reporting asynchronous as 79% of the reason [2]. It is easier when people have the freedom to train in a way that fits their schedule. This way, scaling is no longer an issue, as you can serve hundreds of thousands of employees anytime.

2. Complimenting Asynchronous Training with Collaboration

Some detractors suggest that asynchronous corporate online learning programs do not address the vital need for peer interaction. However, if an asynchronous solution is complemented with elements of peer interaction and trainer feedback, these concerns practically melt away.

One of the best ways to lower stress around corporate and educational programming is through increased peer interaction [3]. This elevates the engagement of everyone involved by creating an environment where active participation is positively reinforced through social interaction with one another.

In other words, when you afford new trainees and seasoned leaders the ability to work with their fellow team members, the rate of retention and education increases.

3. Content Management is Key to Learning Success

Of course, none of these corporate learning program initiatives will matter if the content is not engaging. Therefore, you want visuals, videos, audio, and everything else possible to effectively deliver your content to your target audiences, so they remain engaged and interested in learning.

Remember, this is not a static environment. Change is necessary for every industry, and as new regulations, innovations, and technologies are introduced into a company – so does the need to adapt your learning program increase.

Considering eLearning is projected to bring in $325 billion by 2025, and roughly 98% of corporations plan to incorporate this technology into their operations, you cannot risk having a vibrant training solution [4]. Otherwise, you may lose out on market share and company efficiencies to competitors who choose to use robust corporate online educational support.

Case Study: Wayne State University College of Engineering

At Amesite, we focus on flexible and scalable online learning solutions for clients ranging in size from small private startups to leading universities. In one such recent case, we implemented a turnkey learning platform to advance and equip professionals with the critical skills needed to succeed alongside evolving technologies.

There are over 30,000 College of Engineering alumni located in 70 different countries around the globe. To ensure these valued university community members have access to the skills and education needed for in-demand topics, we introduced an on-demand course platform with live instructions. This empowers WSU alums to upskill and grow in their chosen field whenever a new innovative technology is introduced.

This is a fantastic example of how we use massive learning systems to ensure highly skilled individuals do not miss out on new opportunities because of a lack of training or education. You can learn more about how this Case Study improved WSU’s culture by reading all about our solution.

Transform Your Professional Learning

Stop wasting time trying to manage the dynamic challenges of scheduling and platform adoption between all the various videoconferencing services. Instead, contact our team at Amesite to build an easy-to-use solution for your company. With our trained professionals and years of experience, we can instantly bring all the new, exciting technology and happenings at your business to your team members! Schedule a demo today, and let’s discuss your corporate online learning platform needs.





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