Large-Scale eLearning: Top 3 Considerations for Delivering Flexible, Engaging, Scalable Online Learning
February 11, 2022

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The future of work depends on the support of learning systems to upskill, train, and onboard employees. Unfortunately, learning and development (L&D) professionals are spending an immense amount of time creating training that isn’t successful. L&D managers are spending 20% of their time creating content for training programs, more than 60% of their time on course authoring, and only 5% of their time strategizing [1]. In addition, L&D professionals must continuously monitor learning impact, update course materials, and improve the learning experience for employees. With small teams and lots of hats to wear, L&D professionals are overwhelmed. According to eLearning Industry, “...the final course is a trade-off between the actual requirement and practicalities, because of the limitations caused by time, the tool and the competencies of the developer...” [1]. 

As technology rapidly evolves, so does eLearning technology. Flexible, engaging, scalable eLearning platforms are quickly replacing legacy learning systems. 90% of L&D professionals say that learner engagement is the most crucial feature in a learning management system (LMS) [2]. With so many eLearning platforms available, it can be challenging to pick the optimal solution to bring back to your organization.  

Here are the top 3 considerations when choosing an eLearning software provider! 

1. Efficient Automation

Automated eLearning is essential to organizations. An eLearning platform that leverages automation tools would reduce your development time from 60% to 15%, enabling you to spend 40% of your time advancing your eLearning strategy [1]. With automated eLearning, you can launch training programs in half the time, saving a tremendous amount of time and money [1].  

2. Actionable Insights

Collecting, analyzing, and measuring the effects of eLearning initiatives is crucial to maximizing your L&D budget. An eLearning platform that leverages big data also provides actionable insights that help your team understand and optimize training programs. The top problem L&D professionals face is evaluating learning performance; an advanced AI eLearning platform solves that problem. Drive future learning decisions and a strong ROI with large-scale eLearning. 

3. Easy Content Creation

Organizations rushed to make in-person training materials accessible online to provide learning quickly in unprecedented times. Unfortunately, companies that choose to do this have not experienced results from online training. Why? “Because face-to-face training and eLearning are different learning modalities,” according to eLearning Industry [3]. Fortunately, advanced online learning systems use automation to seamlessly transfer legacy content onto a new platform in a new format. In addition, online learning platforms leverage AI technology to provide relevant training materials to employees. With automation, big data, and AI technology combined, learners will receive useful content based on their job function, level, skillset, performance, and training needs. Don’t waste time creating content for each learner. Instead, spend your time tracking performance and optimizing training initiatives.  

Amesite is a PARTNER, not a Vendor! 

We deliver the world’s most effective online learning systems in as little as 24 hours. Our eLearning platform is flexible, scalable, and engaging, driving real ROI and value for your training initiatives. As your partner, you can trust that we’ll deliver: 

  1. A platform that leverages best-in-class technology to automatically deliver relevant resources to employees. 
  1. Actionable insights that are easy to read on a global dashboard and broken down by job function, geography, seniority, and more.  
  1. Interactive courses with custom content that meets your learners’ exact needs. 
  1. Your legacy courses, courses from our catalog, or custom courses created by our team. 
  1. A flexible, scalable, engaging solution that requires no training and compliments your organization’s mission.   

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