How To Make Sure Your Technology Actually Works
July 28, 2022

Technology is an essential part of our daily lives, helping us to connect with others and transforming how we engage with the world around us. However, while there can be no denying the many benefits that come from these advancements, finding the right type of technology for your education facility is essential.

There are countless options out there on the market, many of which come equipped with all of the bells and whistles you need and more. However, how do you know your technology is working to enhance your eLearning programs and that you will be able to use it straight out of the box? We thought we would take a closer look at the three most crucial factors to consider…

1. Ensuring it can be used on different devices

When it comes to ensuring that your technology actually works, one of the most important factors to consider is whether it can be used across different devices. Estimates suggest that there are 6.64 billion smartphones in the world today, and research has shown that students are increasingly using their mobile devices as part of their learning experience [1, 2].

Not only is it more convenient to use while on the go, but 43% of learners actually see their productivity increase compared to non-mobile users [3]. However, when it comes to using your technology across different devices, responsiveness is key, so you need to ensure it works as designed, no matter how it is being viewed.

2. Ensure your SaaS vendor is focused on your success

When it comes to EdTech, there are a lot of software providers out there; however, in the vast majority of cases, these are often just simple widgets that direct to certain pieces of information – and often times experience bugs that disrupt engagement. For a lot of SaaS vendors, their business model incorporates multiple widgets, “but few of these companies actively monitor to see if their widget/code is still being served and the ones that do rarely do anything with that knowledge” [4]. Instead, you should focus on utilizing SaaS vendors that are able to provide a holistic approach that meets your requirements and works to ensure your success.

3. Checking vendors work in your environment

Another top tip for ensuring that your technology works for you is to ensure that your chosen SaaS vendor works within your environment. With so many providers out there, it can be tempting to go with the most affordable. However, research has shown that just 28% of applications companies use are integrated, so working with a vendor that works in your environment and does not simply teach you theirs is essential [5].

How Amesite can help you

Here at Amesite, we know the importance of ensuring that your EdTech solutions are working to better your facility. That is why we work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions designed to meet their exact requirements.

One such example of this was a recent project we completed with Michigan Works! SE. They were seeking to better equip their frontline staff with the knowledge to address the ever-changing needs of the modern workforce, including those with barriers to employment, bridging the labor gap in the digital age.

We worked with them to develop a Learning Community Environment, a powerful upskilling tool, which ensured Michigan Works! SE was able to confidently deliver courses and learning experiences that allowed individuals across Southeast Michigan to thrive.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing the very best integrated solutions possible, delivering technology solutions that are able to support all kinds of learning. Our mission is to bring our expertise and technology to the partnership, guaranteeing the very best results for each client.

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