Enterprises: How to Gain Internal Support for the Purchase of a Learning Software Platform
December 6, 2022

Your business needs software to deliver learning programs that actually meets your organizational goals - scalable, hassle-free for employees and for your learning and development team, and easy-to-use, so that you don't have to hire more people to get it working! Find out how to gain internal support for making a change.

1. Software Changes – You Need to Stay Current

The world is transforming into digital spaces all around us. From social media to virtual reality, we are quickly turning into a digital world. Most businesses are managed and operated by using powerful technology – and this technology is only getting more powerful by the day. Unfortunately, this means that failing to adapt can leave your business behind.

In 2017 alone, the United States received over 6 billion new technology patents – and experts have openly stated that technological advancements are being made at an exponential rate [1]. Falling behind with technology can leave you struggling to catch up, making it more likely that your potential clients will look elsewhere. The good news is that technology can transform a business, making it more efficient and more accessible for customers.

2. Know Your Stakeholders and How to Advocate

When you invest in software for your business, chances are that you have a lot of stakeholders to consider. Engaging stakeholders on these changes and their potential benefits can really help you to gain support for the new software.

Remember, your goal is to show how this investment will help to support their goals – not just yours. It can help to have powerful advocates to join you as well. In fact, one study found that company transformations are four times more likely to have a successful ending when influential company voices are involved [2]. Gaining the trust and support from your stakeholders is imperative not only for the successful launch of a new digital product, but the continued success as well.

3. Ask Your SaaS Vendor for Help Generating Buy-In

A good SaaS vendor is going to want to help you make this transition, and that means taking a lead role in change management. Your vendor should be excited to help you generate buy-in among staff, stakeholders, and patrons – and have detailed plans to make it happen. The Harvard Business Review determined that 70% of company change efforts fail, and a leading reason is a notable lack of buy-in [3].

Work with your vendor to make a case that gets everyone excited and on board! Your software vendor should be willing to help provide you with presentations to upper management, blogs, detailed responses to questions and case studies that help you make the internal case. You will need to answer questions from across your company – finance, learning and development and IT, for example – and a good vendor can and will help you navigate the process!

The Takeaway

Digital learning has already proven to have a global impact, and more people are looking for digital options from the organizations they love most. You can help your business to educate staff and reach more people to bring more value–but first, you need to generate buy-in.

At Amesite, we are not just a software provider. We consider ourselves to be business Partner offering solutions for companies, museums, and universities that generate lasting impact and make the world a better place. To learn more about how we can help you to offer innovative solutions and support your change management efforts, explore our case study with EWIE Group of Companies!




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