How Museums Can Generate Revenue by Delivering Online CEUs to K12 Teachers: Get Ready for Summer 2023 Now!
November 16, 2022

Museums and teachers commonly work side-by-side to help educate the citizenry, and are even more powerful when they work together! Teachers need to continuously learn as well, to keep up with developments in science, technology, art, history and many other fields – to assure that they continue to bring their students the world!

Museums can play a key role in providing continuing education units (CEUs) for teachers to help them take new information back to students. Your museum can deliver an amazing impact by offering opportunities to teachers that enable them to get CEUs–find out how!

1. Museums Can Offer Programs that Satisfy CEU Requirements

Start by assuring that you know the requirements for continuing education units in your State. Then, create programs that teachers need by listening to your partners in your school districts. Almost all museums have vibrant partnerships with schools for on-ground visits, and have built strong reputations with teachers. You can leverage these great relationships to offer CEUs!

Already, individual museums around the world–like the Smithsonian–are offering more than a dozen CEUs a piece in different areas of expertise, and your museum can too [1]! In some cases, museums can even be reimbursed by the state or partner with programs to offer grants to teachers pursuing these CEUs.

2. Teachers Benefit from the Convenience of Online Learning

It is well-known that teachers are some of the hardest-working individuals in society, and that they play a crucial role in helping society to grow and prosper. With all their hard work, they don’t always have time to travel to a specific location for CEUs.

Offering digital programs makes it much easier for teachers to receive the education they need. When asked, more than 50% of teachers said that their interest in online and on-demand professional learning has increased since 2020, and 94% agree that continuing education is important for teachers to be effective [2].

3. Having the Right SaaS Partner is Critical to Launching Programs

Software as a service is taking over business technology, with more than 50% of global brands focusing on mobile technologies to increase customer loyalty [3]. These systems can help build customer engagement and allow museums the opportunity to create new connections that can have substantial community impacts.

With branded solutions, your museum can build new points of connection while building brand recognition. Using technology, museums and teachers can work together to ensure that students receive modern and up-to-date information every single year. With this pipeline, students–and society–have everything to gain.

The Takeaway

At Amesite, we offer branded systems for museums that enable them to make lasting points of connection with their communities. Whether students are visiting your museum or learning in the classroom, the solutions your museum invests in today can change the quality of education tomorrow. Amesite works with our Museum partners to help them assure that their programs are fully supported and implemented – and provides proof that the plans are executable, with technology descriptions and planning, templates for implementation and workflows, compliance solutions and a committed team that continuously supports new and existing digital offerings.

We proudly offer out-of-the-box solutions that make it easy for you to engage patrons and educators with products and educational resources that they love. Share your knowledge, grow public interest, and increase your revenue by providing valuable courses that everyone can benefit from!




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