How Museums Can Engage with School Districts to Deliver Online Learning
January 18, 2023

Museums are a valuable resource for education, providing hands-on learning experiences that can bring history, science, and art to life for students of all ages. However, as more and more schools move their learning online, it can be challenging for museums to engage with school districts and deliver their educational offerings to students. In this blog post, we will explore some ways that museums can connect with school districts to deliver their online learning programs.

Partner with local schools

One of the best ways for museums to connect with school districts is to form partnerships with local schools. Museums can work with schools to create customized online learning programs that align with the school's curriculum and meet the needs of their students. This can include virtual tours of the museum, online lectures, and interactive activities that students can complete from home. In fact, these 12 famous museums around the globe offer virtual tours patrons can explore from anywhere [1].

Offer virtual field trips

Museums can also offer virtual field trips to students, allowing them to explore the museum's exhibits and collections from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual field trips can include live-streamed tours, pre-recorded videos, and interactive activities that students can complete on their own. American Alliance of Museums reports that on average only 3 percent of a museum’s collection is on display at any given time [2]. By putting exhibits online, there is room to explore far more than the 3 percent available in person.

Create online resources

Museums can also create online resources, such as lesson plans, educational videos, and interactive activities, that teachers can use in their classrooms. These resources can be aligned with the school's curriculum, making it easy for teachers to integrate the museum's educational offerings into their lesson plans.

Host webinars and workshops

Museums can also host webinars and workshops for teachers and students, providing professional development opportunities for teachers and engaging educational experiences for students. These webinars and workshops can be tailored to the school's curriculum and can include live-streamed lectures, interactive activities, and Q&A sessions.

Collaborate with other organizations

Museums can also collaborate with other organizations that serve school districts, such as educational non-profits and cultural organizations. By working together, museums and these organizations can create comprehensive online learning programs that serve the needs of school districts and their students.

By partnering with school districts, offering virtual field trips, creating online resources, hosting webinars and workshops, and collaborating with other organizations, museums can effectively deliver their educational offerings to students in an online learning environment. These efforts will not only benefit students but also help to build strong relationships between museums and school districts, ensuring that the educational resources and opportunities offered by museums are accessible to all students.

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