Getting Started with a Museum Digital Learning System that Grows with You
October 13, 2022

For the longest time, museums were places that needed to be visited in person to appreciate their value, but those days are behind us. The modern face of museums is increasingly digital, offering patrons an opportunity to experience all the rich information that museums have to offer.

Whether you are offering patron learning programs, leading docent trainings, digitalizing collections, or organizing special events, digital solutions can make it all possible. The question is: how can you invest in a system that grows with you at an affordable price?

1. Learn How SaaS Pricing Works and Use it to Your Advantage

SaaS systems are taking over the market, with businesses in most industries already introducing them for both internal and external use. SaaS pricing is often dependent upon the value that the system brings or the number of users interacting with the system. One study found that 50% of SaaS organizations rely entirely on user-based pricing – and museums can use this to their advantage [1].

Using user-based pricing to offer your patrons access to engaging digital content and experiences can help you to make money while covering expenses within the system. Even better, licensing can be much more efficient than building a system in-house because the cost of the services can be included directly with the cost of the subscriptions that you offer, saving significantly on hiring and hosting a team to build systems for you. As your system needs increase, your revenue will increase to balance it.

2. Select Software That Meets Most of Your Needs

Software can be customized to support a wide variety of needs, which is why it is so important to work with a company that understands those needs. When surveyed, 38% of companies reported that they have moved entirely to SaaS technologies from all other forms of software, and most companies are already using SaaS technologies in some capacity [2].

The companies that see the value of SaaS technology and have switched entirely to this model are making the switch because they have experienced the power of SaaS technology with a company that meets their needs, leading to a very positive experience. If you work with the right partner, you can provide amazing, custom resources for your patrons. 

3. Buy “White Label” and Customize to Match Your Brand

White-label software is fully customizable, enabling companies to rebrand it as their own. By choosing a vendor that understands your needs, you can invest in software that perfectly represents your brand – and that’s not where the benefits end! The right vendor will help you to build your brand’s credibility by offering high-end technology solutions, which often lead to better reviews. One study found that 84% of people value online reviews to the same extent that they do a recommendation from a friend [3]. You can offer the best technology on your brand – increasing retention and attracting new patrons.

The Takeaway

Finding the right software solutions empowers museums to expand their reach and provide an experience that their patrons will love. At Amesite, we offer dedicated out-of-the-box solutions that help museums to provide their patrons with digital resources and events that keep them engaged. To learn more about how we help museums reach their audience, explore our press release highlighting our Partnership with the Connor Prairie Learning Portal.




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