Fundraising to Support Your University's Digital Learning: Donor Support
January 6, 2023

As universities continue to adapt to the digital age, many are turning to donor support to help fund their efforts in transitioning to online learning. Alumni and foundations have emerged as key players in this process, providing much-needed resources to help schools upgrade their technology and digital infrastructure.

One recent example of this trend can be seen at Davenport University in Michigan [1]. They started a fundraising campaign to raise $35 million to "elevate” the State’s talent by improving educational opportunities for students. As of December 14, 2022 Davenport had already raised $22.9 million through the support of donors and grants. Indeed, Forbes reports that philanthropy for U.S. colleges is up 6.9% in 2021 and has topped $52 billion[2].

The rise in alumni and foundation donations for digital learning highlights the importance of leveraging this kind of support. These gifts provide universities with the resources they need to stay competitive in a rapidly changing educational landscape and ensure that their students have access to the latest technologies and educational materials.

In addition to providing funding for new technologies and programs, alumni and foundation donations can also help universities build strong partnerships with industry leaders and experts in the field of online learning. These partnerships can be invaluable in helping schools stay on the cutting edge of digital education and provide their students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the 21st century.

Overall, donor support can be a critical factor in helping universities successfully navigate the transition to digital learning. By leveraging the resources and expertise of alumni and foundations, schools can ensure that they are well equipped to provide their students with the best possible education in the digital age.



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