Flatten the Curve: Controlling the Spread of COVID-19

Over the last week, we have seen local, state and federal governments implement measures to slow the spread of COVID-19: K12 schools are closing their doors, colleges and universities sending students and faculty home, restaurants are providing curb-side pick up only and companies are transitioning to 100% remote work.

These measures are very, very important to help us "flatten the curve," of infections over time. Greater social interactions among the members of a community result in steeper rises in infections. While we don't yet have medical defenses against COVID-19 infection, we can flatten the curve—slow the rate of infection so that the number of new cases rises much more slowly—by reducing interaction. This helps healthcare professionals, and the rest of society, provide resources for people who are ill, without becoming overwhelmed. Self-quarantines and social distancing can reduce the overall impact of a pandemic, and help society assist people. Please try to reduce your interactions, and follow the directives of government, healthcare professionals and scientific experts.