Employee Downtime: Staying Productive While Remote

As companies grapple with rapidly evolving work environments, they must determine how to support their employees with time, tools, and supervision. Remote work has been on the rise—a 2018 study [1] found that 70 percent of professionals work remotely at least one day a week, while 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week. Companies are discovering more about measuring and supporting their remote employees’ productivity.  

While there are concerns about the shift to online, the reality is that companies need to build a stronger bond between employees and their workplace remotely. The top reasons remote workers quit is because of loneliness and low engagement—only five percent of remote workers see themselves at their company for the long haul. That's compared to 28 percent of non-remote workers [2].   

Is it possible to measure the engagement of employees to compare their success? One study discovered that a third of employees globally work remote, and only one-third of them are engaged [3]. Building employee engagement is the real opportunity available to companies now more than ever. Expanding participation isn't merely a perk for employees but also a strategy for better business outcomes. Research shows that when employees are engaged, their performance escalates. Highly engaged workplaces have claimed lower absences and higher profitability. 

Build Employee Productivity—Timely Learning Plan 

If you want to build employee engagement, a good step is investing in them—their career, knowledge, and skillsets. Doing this is a substantial competitive advantage.   

Most employees expect growth in their positions through leadership coaching, creative trainings, and upskilling. Providing leadership and education alongside other employee benefits is key to providing an engaged workforce. Employees are looking to upskill continuously—they want to be knowledgeable and ready to adapt as needed.  

Leaders need to understand the importance of training and development in employee performance and evaluation. It's time to create a just-in-time learning plan.  

Keep in mind when planning to encourage recurring meetups between employees. Meetups can include 1-on-1s or group meetings—suggest as much screen time as possible. The Forbes Agency Council also notes to try and provide time management training, get-togethers or bonding opportunities, and active goal setting [6].   

The Amesite Solution   

Companies are searching for ways to provide their employees with online resources and education quickly. Our platform gives you the technology needed to help employees remain efficient while remote! Partner with Amesite to help your team make remote work active and reliable.    

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  • 100% of technology tools on a single platform
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  • 100% of testing included—business-wide! 

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