Data OverLOAD to Data OverLORD: How to Leverage Your Enterprise Learning Data on Day One Like a Boss
August 9, 2022

When expert training or even learning opportunities infiltrate every part of your platform, you need a way to streamline the collected data in a usable manner. This problem predominantly stems from adopting diverse programs that do not work well together. Then, you have many different data sets about program status, engagement, use, and student information, but none of it is in an actionable form that helps you improve to serve your learners better.

You do not need a computer or data science degree to figure everything out. Instead, you need a better system for delivering eLearning opportunities that gives you data in a much more convenient and functional way.

1. Boost Efficiency with Multiple Learning Programs

Even with your need for more usable data, you cannot abandon the multiple types of eLearning platforms or systems that get your students the best results. Combining different types of programs is highly beneficial for the company as well. However, when you don’t have the ability to manage a broad portfolio, you can’t take action to improve and engage more people – and things begin to fall apart.

You need a single platform with multiple learning program management capabilities that help you manage data and analyze it more effectively. This can help your L&D teams create better solutions going forward while improving efficiency overall. A full 49% of business representatives stated that data analytics is the most important part of making decisions [1]. Therefore, having this data in an easily consumable way is key to online educational success.

2. Choose Learning Platforms with Actionable Insights

More information does not help you if you can’t manage it! While maximum data is a hallmark of many SaaS platforms these days, it’s often only accessible with advanced training – and lots of steps to get to it and use it. You want to focus on the most important element – making sure that the actual worker needs are met by reviewing and acting on key statistics that report what students or trainees are getting from their programs.

Data presentation and accessibility have become exceptionally important because they confer the ability to make swift and informed decisions with information gathered. A Logic Monitor survey found that 37% of respondents worried about the lack of data visibility when it comes to using these platforms [2]. An improved focus on sharing complete information that matters is the type of solution that users should look for when choosing their ideal solution.

3. SaaS Tech Must be User Friendly

Some people confuse complexity for comprehensiveness. When it comes to choosing or developing any learning platform, this gets in the way of making improvements. In fact, the need to translate or figure out platform-specific jargon and peculiarities can get in the way of understanding if the system is creating the results you want at all.

The best SaaS systems around today focus on user-friendly operations so that anyone can get the maximum benefit out of them. When ease-of-use is reported as the most important element in platform selection, it becomes obvious that people are frustrated with overcomplicated systems [3]. The ability to use a training program or other SaaS comfortably is paramount to using it at all.

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