Creating a True Learning and Development Ecosystem for Your Enterprise
April 20, 2022

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Information is coming at you from all directions in L&D! From HRIS to ERP, to CRM to LMS, it can be bewildering to try to create learning journeys that deliver outcomes when these systems often don’t talk to each other at all. Here are three considerations as you think about how to make learning and development data work for your organization by leveraging the data you are generating every single day! Make the data you have work hard for you!

1. Your Learning Data is Precious – Make Sure You Have a System that Collects It

From understanding and quantifying engagement to peer learning, understanding the data you receive while people learn is invaluable, especially when it comes to reporting results and continuously improving your learning programs. On average, students can retain between 25-60% more information when learning online, as compared to 8-10% when in the classroom [1]. While it’s not just classrooms and colleges that have made the move online, it was expected that by 2020, 98% of U.S. companies would be providing online learning opportunities for their employees [1]. Learning is no longer completed in face-to-face settings making it easier to understand the needs of your learners based on available data points. Make sure your LMS is capturing the data you need to make good decisions for your organization and your learners!

2. Integrations are Key – Make Sure Your Partners Will Integrate

Not all SaaS is created equal. Making sure that you are licensing platforms offered by companies willing to execute integrations is critical in the fast-changing world of L&D. 98% of organizations believe that APIs are extremely or very important to the operations of their organizations [2]. More of the world’s ambitious companies are realizing the value of APIs and the valuable integration that fuels innovation. 53% believe that flexibility of services/information is one of the benefits that come with utilizing APIs within an organization, while 49% believe that the ability to integrate cloud-based applications and services with other systems is the largest benefit [2]. As the utilization of APIs become more mainstream, 93% agree that organizations now require more advanced API solutions to experience the full range of benefits, benefits that can help your organization to be more connected [2]. With a myriad of solutions, no one company offers all integrations – so the key is to work with partners who can execute those that you need and consider your holistic programs.

3. Partnerships Are Key

L&D is a team sport and make sure you are a partner—not just a vendor. While the average business generates 18% of its revenue from paid search, high-maturity partnerships generate 28% [3]. True partners can make 1+1=3 by bringing their special skills, insights, and solutions to match those that you need as your programs grow. Nearly three-quarters of companies would consider partner automation to make it easier for them to scale their partnership programs [3]. With the correct partners, your organization has the potential to see the success that you have yet to tap into. Finding a partner who understands and holds your shared mission as a core value is key, as 60-65% of strategic partnerships fail with the common reasons being unrealistic expectations, failure to agree on objectives, and lack of trust or communication [3].

Conner Prairie could have attempted to create a Learning Management System, but it would have been expensive, time-consuming and pulled the museum away from its core strengths. Their vision “to leverage this unique historic place that inspires curiosity and fosters learning for everyone,” meant they needed to go digital [4]. In partnership with Amesite, they were able to deliver the Conner Prairie Learning Portal, a specialized online learning platform that enables users to engage, interact, and experience Conner Prairie’s collections and its stories in a new and innovative way.

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