Choosing an EdTech Platform that Keeps You in Front
August 16, 2022

Any eLearning solution needs excellent content, technology that enables real engagement, and accessibility. One of the most important characteristics, however, is flexibility. All types of businesses must adapt continuously in this fast-paced and increasingly global economy. In order to keep your employees up-to-date and efficient, your edtech platform must adapt right along with your needs. Choosing software that keeps you current and is able to integrate new technology as it becomes available and necessary will enable you to grow and build with one system rather than living through the “brain damage” of constantly churning through new solutions.

1. It Takes a Whole Ecosystem

A good eLearning solution is capable of delivering multiple solutions that meet the needs dictated by the complexity of your organization. The best platforms also can scale to meet the needs of users. This type of scalability is an essential part of any edtech platform that will stand the test of time. A full 42% of corporations in the United States that maintain this type of upgraded eLearning report increased income directly related to the changes in their training protocols [1]. It makes sense. Stagnation is the enemy of success, and the cure is technology that supports the changes necessary to stay competitive in today’s world.

2. EdTech Architecture Matters

Advanced technology is not the only thing that helps make training effective. The architecture that allows for upgrades is an essential element of a tech platform. User-friendliness is essential as well. After all, you understand that if you present a complicated and inaccessible type of eLearning to your trainees, they are less likely to use it. Factors like learning tool interoperability are top of the list of importance for educators who focus on both child and adult students [2]. This type of plug-and-play option for SaaS platforms makes it easy to integrate new modules and features and a wholly understandable and usable way. It’s important to keep in mind: it is your tech platform’s architecture that determines whether or not it will be user-friendly and scalable!

3. Philosophy of Growth Matters

You understand the importance of a shared mindset within your organization. When you get everyone on board with the mission, values  and vision espoused by your company, they are much more likely to work hard for you. The same holds true when you choose an edtech program provider. This is very different from simply buying a single product or a one-time service. In a McKinsey study, 97% of executives polled found that lack of alignment damaged end results [3]. This also holds true when choosing vendors for eLearning and other SaaS solutions. Align your needs with their focus on growth and success in order to get the agile systems that benefit you the most.

Amesite offers robust edtech ecosystems with agile architecture and a growth philosophy that serves you now and far into the future. Explore how we supported diverse learning needs with the Michigan Works! Southeast workforce solutions. We bring the unique combination of available technology, expertise, and a strong sense of partnership that delivers results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make these positive changes for you.




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