Advantages of Investing in Companies that Offer White-Label Platforms
January 11, 2023

Investing in companies that provide white-label platforms can be a wise decision due to the various advantages they offer can be a smart investment strategy. These companies have a plethora of benefits for investors, including the capacity for expansion, the opportunity to target loyal audiences and the ability to cultivate brand loyalty.

One of the primary benefits of investing in companies that offer white-label platforms is the potential for scaling their operations. White-label platforms are designed to be easily customized and integrated into a diverse array of business models, making them suitable for enterprises seeking to broaden their operations or enter new markets. White-label platform companies can offer businesses the opportunity to rapidly and effortlessly scale their operations without incurring the costs and time associated with constructing and maintaining their own proprietary technology. In fact, Forbes previously listed “scale” as a top benefit of a white-label partnership due to the extra support they provide to meet specific needs [1].

Another advantage of investing in companies that offer white-label platforms is their ability to establish brand loyalty for their customers, which has the potential to build scale and greater revenue for the software company. By providing a customizable, high-quality product or service, customers of a white-label software company can differentiate themselves from competitors and establish a strong brand identity. This, in turn, can facilitate the attraction and retention of customers, leading to increased loyalty and long-term growth, creating high potential revenue for the white-label software company. Not to mention the lower risk white-label solutions offer. According to McKinsey, in-house software projects go over budget 45% of the time while delivering 56% less value than anticipated [2].

Investing in white-label platforms can also assist businesses in targeting loyal audiences. These platforms frequently come equipped with a built-in customer base that is already familiar with the product or service, making it easier for businesses to promote their offerings to an engaged and receptive audience.

Finally, investing in white-label platforms can also provide businesses with access to reliable technology. These platforms are generally developed by seasoned teams of engineers and designers, ensuring that they are reliable and well-maintained. This can be particularly valuable for businesses that lack the resources or expertise to develop and maintain their own proprietary technology.

Meet Amesite

Since inception, Amesite Inc. (Nasdaq: AMST) has contracted with businesses, universities, and non-profits and government agencies, including NAFEO and CUNY to build and deliver custom, white-labeled SaaS platforms. Amesite has a proven track record of launching successful programs in a timely manner and our programs have an impressive 98% retention rate across all industries. Get a demo of our industry-leading capabilities today. Watch our most recent shareholder update for more details.

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