5 Ways Enterprises Leverage EdTech to Train in 2022
January 11, 2022

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Summary: Education Technology (EdTech) has become an essential enterprise tool as hybrid and remote work models replace traditional work environments. With a best-in-class eLearning partner, effectively upskilling, reskilling, and training your workforce is easier than ever.

In 2021, enterprises faced disruption, uncertainty, and accelerated digitalization. At the same time, enterprises struggled to overcome challenges such as the great resignation and a growing skills gap. In a survey, Deloitte found that the top three challenges that CEOs face are attracting and recruiting talent (57%), designing a post-pandemic workplace (53%), and retaining talent (51%) [1]. With the effects of the pandemic expected to continue through 2022, enterprises must rapidly adapt training initiatives to drive revenue and accomplish this year’s business objectives. 

To attract and retain talent in a post-pandemic workplace, enterprises leverage powerful eLearning partnerships. With an EdTech partner, your enterprise will deliver engaging, relevant eLearning programs to employees. Nearly half of CEOs are adding training and development programs to retain and attract talent, is your enterprise [2]? By prioritizing and creating comprehensive training programs, your enterprise could see a 218% increase in revenue per employee

47% of CEOs are adding training and development programs to retrain and attract talent.

To successfully train your employees in 2022, eLearning programs must offer:

1. Relevant Courses 

Employees expect that training is related to their job function, career goals, and interests. 79% of millennials are motivated to learn when training is personalized [3]. To ensure employee training is relevant, enterprises are using content curation – pairing the right learning content to the learner. According to eLearning Industry, “Content curation will turn into one of the best ways to create high learner engagement” [4]. Amesite brings fresh new content to every eLearning experience. We customize our content to ensure it is relevant and personalized for your employees. 

"We chose Amesite to support our own workforce in their professional development journey because we believe in the power of their platform to support the engagement, and ultimately the  success of our teams. In fact, our careful review of their offerings revealed that their platform is more comprehensive and easier to use and implement than other ed-tech solutions we considered."
Shamar Herron
Executive Director, Michigan Works! Southeast

2. Engaging Learning Communities
Employees rely on engaging training to enhance their overall eLearning experience. To ensure employee training is engaging, enterprises are creating eLearning communities that enable peer-to-peer interaction and engagement. Amesite provides our partners with a Learning Community Environment™ (LCE) that drives engagement through a social media style platform. Amesite’s eLearning platform delivers best-in-class user experience, engaging interfaces, interactive lectures, livestreaming, and video conferencing to our partners and their employees.

3. Targeted On-Demand Content 

Employees need continuous, targeted training to help retain information relevant to your company’s strategy and tactics. To ensure employee training is targeted, enterprises are leveraging EdTech platforms that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology to deliver on-demand content. Amesite’s eLearning platform provides learning experiences that no other company has done using advanced AI technology. With Amesite, your enterprise will have access to fast and flexible content creation services. We make it easy to train on exactly what your enterprise needs to gain the best competitive advantage.

4. Ease of Use
Employees rely on an easy-to-use training platform to quickly upskill and learn job-relevant skills. Your employee training should never feel overcomplicated or require training. With a large, diverse group of learners, your training programs must be accessible, intuitive, and simple to use. To ensure employee training is easy-to-use, enterprises are partnering with best-in-class eLearning provides. Amesite provides our partners with a user-friendly EdTech solution that mimics a social media platform. Additionally, our intuitive and easy-to-use platform requires no training. Our enterprise partners see nearly a 100% retention rate!

“Working with Amesite, we had nearly 100% retention in our programs. That's not an accident. Artificial intelligence is critical in creating engagement and is important for us not only to build programs, but to build programs that people complete.”
Farshad Fotouhi
Dean of Wayne State University College of Engineering

5. Adaptability

Employees depend on adaptive training to learn and upskill effectively. Organizations’ needs change. Delivering the same-old learning programs for years on end, makes no sense! Partnerships enable businesses to source content that enables them to adapt to new markets and new needs. To ensure that employee training is adaptable, artificial intelligence can be used to provide just-in-time content that meets training needs, and provides businesses with a true competitive advantage, because their employees are on the cutting edge of knowledge. Amesite provides our partners with continuous content support, and best-in-class AI that delivers fresh, relevant content that keeps learners at the forefront. 

We know that finding the right EdTech partner can be a challenge, and the wrong partnership can be risky and expensive. You can trust that as your partner, Amesite will deliver:

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  • Relevant curated and custom course content 
  • Engaging learning communities that drive growth 
  • Targeted content using best-in-class technology 
  • An easy-to-use, scalable solution that requires no training 
  • A platform that compliments your mission and grows with your enterprise 
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Amesite is quickly transforming eLearning experiences for employees with the world’s most effective EdTech system. In less than 24 hours, we deliver clean, accessible interfaces, best-in-class technology, and unparalleled scalability and integration capabilities.

Contact us today for a free demo to see what Amesite can do for your employee training initiatives!