An upskilling program can be an incredible asset for a business. To best leverage this investment, here are five tips to improve upskilling at your company. "> Back
5 Tips to Improve Upskilling at Your Company
April 27, 2021

Digitalization is trending, and every day more skills become outdated in the current workforce. Businesses that are proactive about leveling up their workforces have started to upskill their employees. Upskilling is the best way to face the skills gap. It provides many benefits, including increased productivity, performance, loyalty, revenue, and retention.  


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An upskilling program can be an incredible asset for a business. To best leverage this investment, here are five tips to improve upskilling at your company.  

1. Deliver upskilling online. 

2. Make it customized. 

3. Have a user-friendly and engaging platform. 

4. Integrate with AI and advanced data analytics 

5. Use an online learning platform provider for the platform and courses 

Tip #1 Deliver it online.  

Delivering upskilling online is a must. Online delivery provides flexibility and accessibility to your employees. The freedom to upskill on their schedule will provide greater engagement rates. Currently, 20% of upskilling is delivered solely online [1]—this a very low considering the advantages of providing completely online programs. With online options, employees can revisit content that they need more work on and have the ability to retain the information better. This will provide better learning outcomes.  

Tip #2 Make it customized.  

Provide upskilling courses on the exact needs of your company. Having generalized courses covering topics that are not related to your employees' jobs and goals will hurt engagement and retention. If courses are hyper-focused and relevant to your employees, then engagement will stay high, and the best benefits will be taken from the upskilling program. Custom and personalized learning experiences are relevant to employees and offer a higher engagement quotient as a result [2]. One size fits all never works properly; customization is the answer.  

Tip #3 Have a user-friendly and engaging platform. 

The user experience and level of engagement on the platform are essential to learning outcomes. Increased levels of engagement show statistical improvements in learning. Learners who are engaged are 250% more likely to report excellent grades and 450% more likely to say they are hopeful about the future than disengaged learners [3]. Engagement is a huge factor in knowledge retention, and a platform designed to engage learners is paramount to the outcome of the upskilling program. If employees are engaged, they will demonstrate stronger satisfaction with the learning experience and report stronger achievement in courses [4]. The value of a well-designed, engaging, and easy-to-use interface is immense and will provide excellent outcomes and ROI.  

Tip #4 Integrate with AI and advanced data analytics. 

Having an advanced platform can revolutionize your upskilling experience. A platform integrated with AI and advanced data analytics can provide insights into your upskilling program that drive better learning outcomes. Over the past 4 years, the use of this technology in the training and development industry increased by 47.5% [5]. The ability to measure outcomes and adjust accordingly is critical to upskilling effectively.  

Tip #5 Use an online learning platform provider for the platform and courses. 

Outsourcing the creation of the upskilling platform and courses will save your company countless hours and is much more cost-effective than attempting to build out an effective upskilling program in-house. Using a company to provide the platform and content can easily accomplish the rest of the tips in this list and ensure you are delivering the best upskilling experience for your employees and receive the highest outcomes from your investment.  

How Can Your Business Easily Launch an Effective Upskilling Program That Uses Best Practices? 

Upskilling is a vital practice to keep your workforce competitive. These five tips can level up your upskilling efforts and result in better outcomes for your company. Tip #5 recommends using an online learning platform provider and is arguably the most important tip on the list. An online learning platform company can curate a platform and course curriculum that drives learning outcomes well beyond what an in-house platform can provide. Relying on experts can make a huge difference in this case and can save your business money as well as provide greater ROI as an added benefit.  

Here are some key elements an online learning platform should have to serve your company and employee needs best: 

  • Custom branded online learning platform to drive brand loyalty
  • Custom curated upskilling courses that are relevant to your employees and always up to date
  • Easy to use and intuitive social media-inspired interface design that requires no training to use and drives engagement
  • Engaging, community building platform features like discussion boards and video conferencing capabilities
  • Easy integration with other learning tools
  • Integrated AI technology to pull accurate, up-to-the-minute data, provide automation for grading, and personalize the learning experience to make it more engaging
  • Integrated advanced data analytics to pair with AI to provide personalized learning insights to employees and provide insights and reports to the employer
  • Proven high retention rates on the platform 

Upskilling is a necessary part of business today. The rapid changes in technology and business have created a skills gap that must be addressed. With these tips, your company can be better prepared and level up your upskilling program.  

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution   

Launch a world-class upskilling program for your company with the best-in-class platform, experience, and retention rates.  

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Amesite's online learning platform is the key to providing upskilling programs for your company. Amesite's high-tech AI-powered online learning environment is custom-branded to each specific company to build brand loyalty and meet the unique needs of the employer and their employees. We have subject matter experts who design innovative and custom content for courses that provide excellent value to your employees. A host of self-paced, highly engaging, and intuitive courses can be ready for your company in as little as 30 days.  

Amesite creates outstanding learning experiences delivered on its advanced platform, providing an excellent user experience for employees. Using AI and advanced analytics to provide fresh content keeps learners engaged. Coupled with outstanding services, these experiences deepen professionals' interest in subjects important to their company's goals. Amesite's unparalleled retention rate in the enterprise sector is 100%. 

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