5 Key Sectors to Watch in EdTech
December 7, 2021

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Seemingly overnight, the world changed. We went from attending school, working, and shopping in-store to a stay-at-home lifestyle. The shift to remote work and virtual school fueled much-needed growth and development in educational technology. According to Deloitte, 98% of organizations used some virtual learning during the pandemic [1]. Paring down to the sphere of college education, 51.8% of students took at least one online course in 2019-2020 [2]. To support this shift, EdTech is essential. The problem is determining what EdTech solution is best for your learners. 

As organizations navigate a new digital environment, eLearning is expected to grow substantially. According to Business Wire, “Corporate eLearning is expected to grow by 250% between 2017 and 2026” [3]. In the education sector, 33% of post-secondary school administrators will continue to offer remote and online courses after their campuses have opened completely” [3]. EdTech holds the key for dispersing digital content effectively and at a low cost. 77% of students who enroll in online programs claim this will help them reach their employment and career goals [4].  

5 Key Sectors 

It is essential that we address the trends that have appeared in EdTech, particularly with delivering digital content in an engaging way. The following five sectors of EdTech are working to address learners’ needs.   

Learning Management Systems (LMS)  

LMS is the more traditional system of learning with assignments to be completed by deadlines and grades doled out. 47% of organizations plan on investing in their current LMS to create a more cohesive system; they are most interested in integrating the LMS with other systems and processes [1]. While this is a learning style for many, the workforce has expressed some dissatisfaction. An immense frustration with learning in the workplace is the amount of time employees and managers feel they are wasting with an LMS [5].  

Online Program Management (OPM)  

There is a need to provide institutional support to organizations’ technology. This support has traditionally looked like revenue-share contract models, but now many organizations need more flexibility and a-la-carte services such as a fee-for-service model contract. 86% ranked integration as the most important OPM service, while 77% expected the OPM to use data analytics to inform and drive strategy [6].  

Content Services  

With such a large amount of information created each day, it is no surprise that learners have some hesitation regarding what is consumed. 49% of employees say they are selective about the content they choose to read and consume [7]. Looking at EdTech and eLearning trends in 2020, 79% of those enrolling in an online course said they have concerns about the quality of the learning materials, the community, and the support [8]. Much of the initial content for organizations has already been developed, and 80% of leaders said they are moving towards curating created content to provide timely, accurate, and relevant information to their learners [1]. 

Catalog Companies  

Catalog companies offer e-learning on a course-by-course basis and can launch quickly and efficiently. They have spent time developing their particular set of courses but cannot customize the previously created content or deliver quality niche education.  Amesite offers the ease and effectiveness of a catalog solution yet gives the ability to create customized solutions to your organization’s needs.  

Tech + Services  

When it comes to the best of all worlds, Tech and Services is the most optimal solution. Amesite has developed a Learning Community Environment ™ that creates a social community of learners with real-world applications and has a best-in-class retention rate for universities and organizations. With 57% of employees desiring just-in-time content, Amesite reduces the time spent on irrelevant learning [5]. The AI of Amesite creates personalized learning experiences which drive engagement. Students are excited to learn and apply new teachings. AI is currently trending in the US EdTech market; it has been predicted that “through 2021, AI could become the primary trend and grow by more than 45%” [9]. A comprehensive EdTech solution can increase revenue per employee by 218%. 

The reality of digital learning is upon us, and EdTech is booming. Although the LMS took education to a virtual sphere, it still feels like the classrooms of yesteryear. OPMs support the technological needs of organizations but often lack the flexibility that organizations seek. Content Services work for creating new content; however, many times after the content is developed, it still needs to be curated into high-quality learning resources. The Catalog Companies are timely and efficient but lack the ability to be customized for organizations. Offering the greatest room for growth both now and in the future is Tech and Services. Tech and Services take the groundwork of technology and allow an infinite potential for growth and development. 

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution   

Amesite delivers the world’s most effective online learning systems for employees, students, and job seekers. Artificial intelligence drives the platform: Amesite delivers clean, accessible interfaces, best-in-class technology, and unparalleled scalability and integration capabilities. The future of learning is here: Amesite delivers systems for businesses, universities, non-profits, and government agencies, branded to customers, in as little as 24h.