3 Ways to Gain a Customized EdTech Solution with a Commercial Platform Vendor
November 17, 2021

With industries continually growing, changing, and adapting, it pays to be at the forefront of disruption. To keep up with the demands of an ever-changing market, the EdTech you use must be branded to your organization, customized to meet your needs, and offer custom content. 

Companies no longer have to predict the future and plan years in advance. "Today, companies of all types and sizes are using asset-light strategies to deal with massive market disruption and continued growth," according to the Vice President of Supply Chain, Strategy, Innovation, and Deployment at Johnson & Johnson [1]. Turning to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is one of the key drivers to becoming more asset-light. According to Deloitte, "75% of respondents reported their organization consumes more than half its enterprise IT-as-a-service in 2020" [2].  

Using SaaS allows companies to cut costs, remain agile, and continue innovation as the work-from-anywhere model continues. 87% of organizations believe that in the next five years, half of their enterprise IT will be SaaS [2]. As technology rapidly changes, your organization must adapt, not only to the needs of customers but to strengthen your organization at its core.  

For organizations that have already made the SaaS shift, only 36% are satisfied with the reliability and performance of their SaaS solution [2]. One of the largest hurdles is finding the right partner, according to 31% of EY February 2021 webcast participants [1]. The changing nature of technology, along with "service-based business models, will require appropriately differentiated charging models and offerings" [3].  Working together with cloud-based companies to clearly explain needs and continually make the necessary changes will ensure success no matter what disruptions come.  

Cloud-based systems like SaaS have advanced features and are easy to use. No longer is there a long waiting period to receive and install. SaaS models can quickly be modified, boast functionality, reliability, and performance, are easy to manage, and can be updated to keep your organization at the top of its tech game. The lockdowns of the pandemic have increased cloud-based SaaS demand. Deloitte estimates that "cloud revenue growth will exceed 30% from 2021 through 2025 as companies move to the cloud" [2]. SaaS enables your organization to continue to break boundaries and not be derailed by disruptions.  

The pandemic has accelerated the shift and pushed organizations to use SaaS. "80% believe SaaS will be crucial as their organization recovers from the pandemic" [2]. Learning can be hosted in the cloud, and multiple users can work remotely, receiving the education and knowledge that is needed on their own time. This cuts costs and allows your applications to be digitally scaled. Organizations and companies need to work together to "assess their overall SaaS roadmap to regularly check their progress against their strategic goals" [3]. 

Ensure Organizational Success with SaaS 

With SaaS on the rise, companies are spending an average of $2,884 (USD) per employee (more than hardware), and spending will increase as more industries work to transition to a SaaS model [3]. Ensure your SaaS products are worth the investment and are working for you and your organization. Evaluate different options and ensure that your SaaS is giving you and your workforce the best experience possible. 

The financial sense that backs SaaS doesn't just stop at the in-house savings. Using SaaS to help train employees equates to financial gains across the board. Educational technology (EdTech) is wide-reaching, keeps employees up to date with the newest practices, and rapidly closes the skills gap. Not only are workers able to stay current in their field, but training and development programs increase revenue by 218% per employee [4]. To help your organization succeed in a competitive and ever-changing landscape, employee training is essential.  

Your EdTech solution must: 

  1. Brand to your organization, driving engagement and loyalty 
  1. Deliver relevant, customized courses to your workforce to quickly train and upskill 
  1. Have continuous updates from your world-class education vendor 

Organizations that work to digitally transform to a SaaS model understand the benefits they see both now and in the future by catching the tech vision of tomorrow, today.  


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