3 Ways to Create Secure Ecosystems for Learning
February 18, 2022

All nodes pointing towards cybersecurity shield

Security is a rising concern for organizations worldwide. As businesses continue to digitalize for speed, efficiency and dominance, security is top of mind. According to Forbes, “78% lack confidence in their company’s cybersecurity posture” [1]. What is even more concerning is that “the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million” [1]. Due to emerging technologies, the severity of threats increases. The damage from poor security can be disastrous. The average interruption of operations after a cyberattack is 18 hours which negatively affects operations and productivity. 

The way to ensure your ecosystems are secure is to equip your organization with secure eLearning infrastructure – that can be used to train employees as well! Since the majority of cyberattacks result from human error, education is critical in effective cybersecurity initiatives. Investing in the necessary training to educate your employees on best practices to protect their personal information, client information, and company information is paramount to avoid massive financial losses. An easy and effective way to ensure your employees are educated on cybersecurity is by investing in a robust online learning platform.   

Here are the 3 ways to ensure your ecosystem is secure: 

1. Security is top of mind 

As remote work becomes the norm, security must be top of mind for employers. The top target for cybercriminals is remote workers [2]. Security for organizations is two-fold. First, organizations must have a secure infrastructure to prevent hacks from happening. Second, organizations must work to close the cybersecurity skills gap.  

2. Cloud-based is essential 

In a virtual world, cloud-based technology is essential. However, “a side effect of remote workforces is that cloud breaches will increase” [2]. Ensure that your cloud technology is secure by working with a trusted partner who keeps security and data privacy top of mind, and delivers using an infrastructure and cloud provider that are trusted. 

3. Best-in-class vendor

Outstanding partnerships will increase security while upskilling your workforce. Selecting a partner that is aligned with your business objectives and prioritizes your relationship is essential.  

Amesite is your PARTNER, not a vendor! We provide our partners with: 

  1. Outstanding cloud-based infrastructure with top security  
  1. High-level cybersecurity encryptions and no third-party information sharing 
  1. A custom branded platform delivered in under 24 hours 
  1. Interactive courses with custom content that meets your learners’ exact needs 
  1. A flexible, scalable solution that requires no training and compliments your organization’s mission 

Amesite is quickly transforming learning experiences for employees with the world’s most effective online learning system. In less than 24 hours, we deliver clean, accessible interfaces, best-in-class technology, and unparalleled scalability and integration capabilities.