3 Ways that Universities Can Staff Professional Learning Programs
May 10, 2022

Universities are working on staffing professional learning programs using a combination of professional roles. Find a partner who can utilize the resources you already have and has talented resources to meet the needs of your university and staff. Create a proven learning program to be the best-in-class regarding educational technology. It will magnify your power as you take your university to the next technological level.

1. Select a method that utilizes job classes you already have: Professors, Post-Docs, Graduate Students, Research Scientists, Remote Instructors, etc.

Don’t bother reinventing the wheel. You already have vetted people for the positions they are in. 73% of employees say they would search for a new job or negotiate their salary if they found their current pay was significantly less than the fair market, so look at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for average pay ranges [1]. Work with those who you already have on staff and upskill them to teach online. If you are looking to bring new instructors, teachers, or designers specifically to work with your online learning program, check out what salary information workers of similar caliber are posting.

2. Work with a partner that provides course design template

By creating a streamlined, user-friendly interface that looks and works the same, your instructors and learners can be confident in creating and completing work. Working hand in hand with your partner, you can make sure your template is geared toward your school and intuitive to use. Using a template allows you to increase your flexibility, running updates across your school and maintaining consistency. Templates can save you time and money by helping you organize your information in a clear, concise way that takes the guesswork out of designing your courses. Traditionally, finding a tech solution would meet about 80% of your need [2]. That leaves the 20% to work around the deficiencies and use in-house staff or hire outside vendors to create a workaround. Save your school the hassle and work to design something with your partner that will work the way you need.

3. Partner to find talent

You know what makes your university special and you need a partner who can understand what sets you apart. You need a partner, not just another vendor. 86% of partners agree that with a world moving towards more tailored solutions, partner-to-partner collaboration is more important than ever [3]. Find a partner who can complement the vision for your school. Your partner should be willing to actively seek and train themselves on your vision and mission so they can bring innovative ideas to the table. Trained talent can help you build upon the legacy you already have and help you successfully shift into the world of seamless eLearning.

Wayne State University partnered with Amesite to create Warrior TechSource to advance and equip professionals with the critical skills for new and evolving technologies. Alumni and other professionals located in all 50 states and in 70 countries now have digital courses paired with the latest findings and data. This paring is perfect for busy professionals looking to stay abreast and advance in their fields. The Learning Community Environment ™ created by Amesite was a single solution that crafted an advanced, turnkey platform along with fully built courses that were approved by the expert faculty of Wayne State. Faculty were continually focused on research and teaching while Amesite curated impactful courses with “nearly 100% retention in our programs. This is not an accident. Artificial intelligence is critical in creating engagement and is important for us not only to build programs, but to build programs that people complete,” stated the Dean of Wayne State University’s College of Engineering, Farshad Fotouhi [4]. 

Amesite not only has best-in-class technology, but also provides consultative services on design, talent, and teaching.