What is Amesite Professional?

Amesite has partnered with Eastern Michigan University Professional Programs and Training, Humphreys University, and Wayne State College of Engineering to bring Amesite Professionals to life. Amesite Professionals is designed for those in the workforce who want to expand their professional skill set in order to enhance and grow their career.
The courses presently available vary between six and twelve weeks long and are taught by professionals who are experts in their specified fields. Amesite Professional current course curriculum consists of four classes: World of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain: Cutting Edge Data Management, Lean Six Sigma for Health Care, and Logistics Certificate. We’ll go into detailed descriptions of the classes down below.
The World of Artificial Intelligence
In this six-week online course, students will learn about artificial intelligence (AI), the technology that is reshaping the world. They’ll learn about the markets for AI, key players, and technologies along with applications in key areas such as business, healthcare, technology, and social media. During this course students will also learn about how artificial intelligence impacts jobs and everyday life, execution of the AI algorithms, and privacy and regulatory questions concerning the technology. Once the course is completed students will receive certification.
The current instructor for this course is Thomas Palazzolo, an expert in the field with a M.S. in Computer Science specializing in applications of artificial intelligence, game design, and virtual reality simulations. He has published various work that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to locate archeological artifacts, which has improved the understanding of key, historical events in human migration.
Blockchain: Cutting Edge Data Management
Students in this class will be introduced to blockchain, a system in a record of transactions made in bitcoin or other cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked to a network, and they’ll be introduced to cutting edge data management. Topics for this course include applications in various domains, execution of blockchain technologies, how it impacts jobs and everyday life, how a movement to decentralize data storage produces a secure public ledger for transactions, along with security, privacy, and regulatory questions. After completing this six-week course students will be awarded with a certification.
Mila Paul, a cybersecurity researcher who has an M.S. in Information Systems Security and is presently pursuing a PhD in Cyber Operations, is the current instructor for the class. She specializes in blockchain in modern day business and financial technology.
Lean Six Sigma for Health Care
This is a twelve-week course through Eastern Michigan University Professional Programs and Training about the world respected methodology, Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is used across a variety of industries to improve performance, safety, and efficiently through increasing efficient teamwork and eliminating defects. For example, in the healthcare industry it is used to improve patient satisfaction and to reduce errors thus creating safer hospitals. This class is perfect for professionals who are in the healthcare industry or are interested and wanted to grow their career in this rapidly growing career path. A certification will be awarded to those who complete this course.
Logistics Certificate
This course is perfect for professionals that want to learn the best ways to strategize, effectively systematize procedures, and implement scalable solutions within a team. Logistics Certification more specifically is about detailed coordination, implementation, and control of the flow and storage of goods and services in order to satisfy customer demands. This course is twelve weeks long and students who complete this course will receive a certification.
Amesite Professional allows those in the workforce to build their career their way on their own schedule. The classes are budget friendly, taught by the top specialists in the field, engaging, and are guaranteed to help build the skill sets to enhance the career path professionals want. For more information check out the product page.