What is Amesite Life?

Amesite Life is an online course curriculum built around helping users improve their lives. The courses and the experiences are dedicated to help build healthier, happier lives. Amesite has partnered with instructors at the top of their fields to provide students with engaging, affordable, and easily accessible classes. Currently there are two courses available: Fitness, Nutrition, & Wellness, and Personal Financial Management. These two classes are described below:

Fitness, Nutrition, & Wellness

Fitness, Nutrition, & Wellness is a six-week online course dedicated to helping students be fit, eat right, and feel great with the help of nutrition experts and fitness trainers. Instructors will provide students with a knowledge about nutrition and fitness, how to improve health and well-being, an understanding of social trends relating to diet and wellness, and how to develop a network of supportive peers committed to improving their lives. For the students who successfully complete the course requirements, certification is awarded.

Fitness, Nutrition, & Wellness is taught by four instructors. Demond Johnson, CEO and founder of A2 Fitness Professionals, is a certified trainer. Allison Mankowski is a sports dietician at Eastern Michigan University and owns a practice that focuses on nutritional management. The last two instructors are Mandy Bus and Rebecca Vredenburg, co-creators of Be here, Be kind, Be you!.

The intensity of this course is entirely up to the student. The instructors encourage each student, with some guidance, to select the activities that suit their interests and fitness from running a 5k to taking a yoga class. Then the instructors through articles, discussions, videos, and one on one messages help build more activity, mindfulness, and healthy eating into what works for each individual. This course is one to five hours a week. However, if a student misses a week, they can make it up the following. No exercise equipment is needed for this class.

Personal Financial Management

The goal of this six-week course is to get students to decrease debt, give them a greater peace of mind allowing them to no longer be stressed by their financial situation, and to accelerate savings. Instructors want to help students get smarter about their money by showing them the fundamentals of personal finance, along with becoming smarter with their investments by exposing them to new findings and trends while helping plan their future. Topics for this course include how to save and invest, manage student loans, file taxes, decrease credit card debt, and how to plan for the future.

There are three instructors for this course. The first is Tim Marshall, president and CEO of Arbor Bancorp, Inc. and Bank of Ann Arbor. He has a B.S. in Industrial Management from Purdue University and his M.B.A from Butler University. The other instructors are Joanne Rau and J. Michael Losh. Joanne Rau is the business banking group executive and Senior Vice President for Fifth Third Bank’s Great Lakes region. She has over eighteen years of banking experience. J. Michael Losh is a board member for Prologis, Inc., TRW Automotive, Inc., Cardinal Health, Inc. Masco Corporation, Aon plc, H.B. Fuller Company, and Amesite, Inc and the chairman for Masco Corp.

While Amesite College helps build degrees and Amesite Professional helps build careers, Amesite Life helps build your life your way. In the Fitness, Nutrition, & Wellness course students’ lives will change when they learn exercises and techniques to increase energy, fight disease and stay healthy, and live longer. The Personal Financial Management class is an investment into students’ future by teaching them how to get out of debt and how to invest their money wisely. Start taking control and changing your life by registering. Simply select the Course Registration tab.