What is Amesite College?

Amesite recognizes modern students do not necessarily have the time and money to go to a four-year institution. Amesite College partners with top colleges and universities to offer engaging, easily accessible, and affordable artificial intelligence-powered online college courses. These college courses are first year, introductory courses that are generally taken by everyone who goes to a higher education—allowing budget conscious students to save time and money. Amesite has partnered with Humphreys University to make these credits easily transferable to major state universities in California. The artificial intelligence-powered courses are specifically designed to enhance and improve student learning to help them achieve more. The platform helps manage students’ time, track learning, and help them engage with instructors and peers throughout the courses.
The current classes offered are Introduction to Psychology, Statistics, Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Sociology, Economics I, and Economics II. Each one is described below.
Introduction Psychology
In this introductory level class students will learn facts and theories about the elusive human behavior including attention to psychological factors in sensation, perception, emotion, motivation, learning, personality, the brain, and other behavioral factors. Prerequisites include currently taking or have taken ENGL 49 or college level reading and writing.
The instructor for this course is President Robert G. Humphreys Jr, president of Humphreys University. The course takes students through describing sets of data, probability, and probability distributions of discrete and continuous random variables, measures of central tendency and variation, the Poisson, binomial and normal probability distributions, hypothesis testing, sampling techniques and regression and correlation, inferences from large and small samples, etc. It is available to all students that have taken MATH 101 or have a passing score on the algebra section of the entrance exam.
Introduction to Philosophy
Throughout this course, students study works of ancient and modern philosophers, concentrating on questions of mortality and ethical conduct, reality, knowledge, religion, politics, and science. This intro level course combines analytical and critical thinking during the study of the sources and in the discussion creating well rounded students. In order to be eligible students, have to have taken ENGL 101.
Introduction to Sociology
This class will take students through the principal concepts of sociology, along with perspectives, methods, analysis and explanation of culture, personality, social institutions, population, social processes, collective behavior, and insights of the scientific study of human society. Students will need to be concurrently enrolled in ENGL 49 or have achieved college level reading and writing proficiency.
Economics I
Economics I is an introduction course on macroeconomic theory taught by Donald Carlisle. He’ll cover various topics during this course including organization, operation and control of the American economy, economic fluctuations, business and government finance, money and banking, fiscal and monetary stabilization techniques, along with measurement, level, and distribution of national income. College level reading and writing are required to take this class.
Economics II
While Economics I focuses on macroeconomic theory, Economics II is an introduction to microeconomic theory. Topics for this course include pricing process under both imperfect and perfect competition, utility, marginal products, government policies for agriculture, and distribution of income. Much like Economics I, college level reading and writing are required.
Amesite College places control back into the hands of the students by allowing them to build their own education their way around their interests and on their own schedule. It’s designed for the modern student in mind where a college education isn’t necessarily from nine to five. It’s squeezing the classes wherever you can in-between shifts at work or in-between running the kids to soccer practice. Amesite’s courses are budget friendly, engaging as any classroom, and the course credits are easily transferable to a variety of universities. For more information check out the product page.