Logistics Certification


Certification is awarded after successfully completing the course requirements.

Humphreys University


No Credit Check, No Additional Fees, No Pre-Approval
Pay over 6 weeks – four installment payments.
Payment one: 25% up front.
Payment two: 25% due two weeks from payment one.
Payment three: 25% due four weeks from payment one.
Payment four: 25% due six weeks from payment one.

Many professionals lack the solid grasp of logistics fundamentals they need to help their business thrive in the global marketplace. This twelve-week Logistics Certificate program provides entry- to management-level employees with a solid foundation in key logistics concepts and equips them to integrate ever-changing fulfillment technologies into their workflow to improve customer satisfaction.

Business Professionals will learn real-world best practices to strategize, systematize procedures, and implement scalable solutions within a team. Instructor Veronica Horn entered the logistics field as a loader at UPS and went on to become an internationally recognized leader in automotive logistics management.  She will share her first hand experience about how cutting edge technology is applied such as the use of Blockchain, and implementation of Transport Guidance Systems and Automated Guidance Vehicles. Veronica is well versed in how the changing political climate impacts country-based tariffs and the lead time for finished goods.

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